Galapagos finches

Galapagos finches

Galapagos finches: see Darwin's finches.
The following is a timeline of ornithology events:

BC up

18th Century

19th Century

Twentieth century

20th Century late

  • 1950 - Rocket nets developed by the Wildfowl Trust for catching geese
  • 1951-1954 - The 6-volume Birds of the Soviet Union by GP Dementev and NA Gladkov published
  • 1953 - Niko Tinbergen publishes The Herring Gull's World
  • 1954 - Protection of Birds Act in the UK prohibits the collection of birds eggs
  • 1956 - First use of mist nets (invented in Japan) in the UK to trap birds
  • 1962 - Rachel Carson publishes Silent Spring, describing the ecological dangers of pesticides
  • 1967 - Publication of Radar Ornithology by Eric Eastwood
  • 1968-1972 - First national breeding bird atlas project conducted in Britain and Ireland
  • 1970 - The Atlas of Breeding Birds of the West Midlands by Lord and Munns, based on field work by members of the West Midland Bird Club, published by Collins, is the first to use systematic grid-based method for gathering of information.
  • 1976 - Publication of national atlases for Great Britain and Ireland, France and Denmark
  • 1981 - Sibley and Ahlquist use DNA-DNA hybridisation to determine degrees of genetic similarity between species
  • 1981 - Cyril A. Walker describes the Enatiornithes, a new subclass of fossil birds [Walker CA (1981) New subclass of birds from the Cretaceous of south America. Nature 292:51-53.]
  • 1984 - Publication of The Atlas of Australian Birds
  • 1989 - Discovery of the first poisonous bird, the Hooded Pitohui Pitouhi dichrous and Homobatrachotoxin by Jack Dumbacher
  • 1991 - First new species described without a skin as a type specimen. The Bulo Burti Boubou (Laniarius liberatus) of Somalia described as a new species on the basis of the DNA sequence from a feather.
  • 1992 - Publication of the Handbook of Birds of the World series starts
  • 1995 - Hou Lianhai describes the Confuciusornithes, a new subclass of birds, from a fossil found in the Jinzhou market, Liaoning, China [Hou L, Zhou Z, Martin L, Feduccia A (1995) A beaked bird from the Jurassic of China. Nature 277:616-618]
  • 1997 - Use of stable Hydrogen isotope signatures in feathers to identify origin of birds. [Chamberlain CP, Blum JD, Holmes RT, Feng X, Sherry TW, Graves GR (1997) The use of isotope tracers for identifyingpopulations of migratory birds. Oecologia 109:132–141]
  • 1998 - Discovery of gut reduction before migration in Godwits. [Piersma T, Gill RE (1998) Guts don't fly: small digestive organs in obese bar-tailed godwits. Auk 115:196–203]

21st Century

  • 2004 - Proposal to identify bird species through DNA sequence by Hebert PDN et al. (PLoS Biol 2(10): e312.) using method termed as DNA barcoding.
  • 2005 - reports of sightings of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker, previously believed extinct.

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