Gaius Lutatius Catulus

Gaius Lutatius Catulus

See Lutatius for other people with the same name
For the poet, see Catullus

Gaius Lutatius Catulus (Latin: C·LVTATIVS·C·F·CATVLVS) was a Roman statesman and naval commander in the First Punic War.

He was elected as a consul in 242 BC, a novus homo. During his consulship he supervised the construction of a new Roman fleet. This fleet was funded by donations from wealthy citizens, since the public treasury was virtually empty. He then led the fleet into victory over Hamilcar Barca's Carthaginian fleet in the Battle of the Aegates Islands. This was the decisive battle of the First Punic War. To celebrate his victory, he built a temple to Juturna in Campus Martius, in the area currently known as Largo di Torre Argentina.

His brother, Quintus Lutatius Cerco, was a consul in the following year and a censor in 236 BC.

Gaius Lutatius Catulus is also the main character of Finnish writer Jukka M. Heikkilä's book Merikonsuli.

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