Gainsborough Central railway station

Gainsborough Central railway station

Gainsborough Central railway station is a railway station in the town of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England. The town's other station is the busier Gainsborough Lea Road. Until recently, the station was shown to be one of the least busy in the country as trains only call there one day a week.

In the Strategic Rail Authority's 2002/3 financial year, only 5 fare-paying people (excluding season ticket holders) boarded trains at Gainsborough Central station, and 3 disembarked, making it the least busy station in the United Kingdom, with Barry Links. The 2004/05 figures suggested 21 passengers used the station that year, putting it slightly below Watford West a station which has been 'temporarily closed' since 1996, on a line which is currently missing both track and bridges.

The real figure for Gainsborough Central, was much higher as some tickets can be purchased to "Gainsborough stations" and these journeys are credited to Lea Road, as the group station. Following changes to the the system for counting ticket sales, the 2006/7 financial year counted over 30,000 users of the station.


Gainsborough Central station is situated close to Gainsborough steel stocks (which has now moved) and the new Marshalls Yard Shopping Centre. However, to get to it you must walk down two roads; A road leading to the former steel stocks and a service road made out of rocks.


The present service comprises just three trains per week (in each direction), on Saturdays between Sheffield and Cleethorpes.

North Lincolnshire Council, however, is campaigning to increase this to an hourly service in each direction.



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