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List of GURPS books

List of GURPS books is a listing of the publications from Steve Jackson Games and other licensed publishers for the GURPS role-playing game.

Fourth Edition

Core books

These are the books necessary to play, with the core rules used in all settings (GURPS Basic Set: Characters and Campaigns), plus basic accessories.

  • GURPS Basic Set Deluxe Edition (authors as above, no ISBN) - Limited, luxury edition ("bound in bonded leather with two-color foil stamping. They have buckram-textured endpapers and sewn head and foot bands) of the two volumes of the Basic Set.
  • - A 32-page introduction to the rules of GURPS based on the core rules in the GURPS 4e Basic Set (mainly Characters). It includes basic character creation with advantages, disadvantages, skills and equipment, as well as some rules for playing. It is freely available, as a PDF from the Steve Jackson Games website, and a supplement to some GURPS books.

    • GURPS GM's Screen
    • GURPS Update - The official conversion guide from 3rd to 4th edition, released as a free PDF file and together with the GM's Screen

    Rules supplements

    These books detail general rules not used in all possible campaign, such as rules for magic spells, for superpowers and for martial arts.

    • - Magic rules from the Basic set are expanded, detailing a large number of spells, and rules for alternative magic systems, magic item creation, alchemy etc.

      • - Includes new perks, skills, techniques, styles, weapons, and extended combat and injury rules, as well as history on the martial arts, pregenerated NPCs, and ideas for martial-arts campaigns.

        • - Extends the basic character creation rules to better handle high powered characters, and allow highly detailed customization of powers in which each power consists of a range of abilities (ie, advantages) and a talent, with a "source" and a "focus", adding color and helping to tie together the abilities, and an additional "power modifier" that acts like an enhancement (rare) or limitation to the power as a whole.

          • - Extends further the rules about magic, adding ceremonial, spirit, runic, freeform, material (alchemy, herbalism), and real-world-inspired magic.

            Genre toolkits

            These books describe how to design and play campaigns in a particular genre, such as fantasy, science fiction or detective fiction.

            • - This toolkit covers creation of different types of fantasy settings include "High" and "Low", "Dark" and "Light", Swords and Sorcery, and Myth; it also covers typical fantasy races and non-standard settings, such as "Roma Arcana", based on a fantastical Rome that never completely fell. It was a nominee at the 2005 Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Game.

              • - A PDF file and POD release about detective fiction based adventures and campaigns, crime scenes, and advanced rules for interrogating NPCs.

                • - Covers the planning and running of science fiction campaigns with special emphasis on the creation of star systems, worlds and alien races.

                  • - Builds on GURPS Powers to describe powers, rules, and guidelines to run a superhero campaign.

                    Fictional settings

                    These supplements details how to design and play campaigns set in particular fictional settings, either specific to GURPS (such as "Banestorm", a fantasy setting, or "Infinite Worlds", about exploration of parallel universes) or independent of it (such as the Star Trek universe).

                    • , detailing a fantasy setting called Yrth in which standard fantasy tropes such as Wizards, Orcs, Elves, Dwarves are present, along with more unusual fantastic races like the Reptile Men. A basic premise of the setting is that magical banestorms pick up people, whole villages, etc. from other worlds (including Earth) and deposit them on Yrth.

                      • Transhuman Space
                      • , winner of the 2005 Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Supplement.

                        • GURPS Traveller: Interstellar Wars - Describing a period of the history of the science fiction Traveller setting, early in its history; includes rules for generating characters for the setting, starship design, interstellar trade, exploration, and ship-to-ship combat.
                        • GURPS Casey and Andy (PDF) - A setting inspired by the Casey and Andy webcomic by Andy Weir
                        • GURPS Lands Out of Time (PDF)
                        • GURPS Prime Directive - One of the incarnations of the Prime Directive role-playing game, set in the Star Trek-derived Star Fleet Universe, together with its sourcebooks:
                          • GURPS Prime Directive: Klingons
                          • GURPS Prime Directive: Romulans
                        • GURPS RebornRebirth (Shou Tomono, Tadaaki Kawahito and Group SNE, 2006, in Japanese, ISBN ?) A few years ago world trees appeared all around the world, producing gardian spirits named Yuurei (lit. ghost) and interfering with real world events. Set in contemporary Japan. Published by Hobby Base.
                        • GURPS Yuel (in Japanese)

                        Technology and equipment

                        These handbooks describe the data, in terms of GURPS, of specific objects, gadgets and vehicles, and how to construct new ones.

                        • GURPS Bio-Tech
                        • GURPS High-Tech.
                        • GURPS Ultra-Tech
                        • GURPS Spaceships (PDF, first in a planned series)
                        • GURPS Vehicles (forthcoming, planned as a PDF series)


                        These handbooks describe the data, in terms of GURPS, of monsters and creatures, mostly from myths.

                        • GURPS Creatures of the Night, Volume 1 (PDF)
                        • GURPS Creatures of the Night, Volume 2 (PDF)
                        • GURPS Creatures of the Night, Volume 3 (PDF)
                        • GURPS Creatures of the Night, Volume 4 (PDF)
                        • GURPS Dragons (3rd Edition with 4th Edition appendix)

                        Dungeon Fantasy series

                        These handbooks describe how to reduce GURPS to the essential abilities and rules you need to play in a typical Medieval Fantasy "Dungeon Crawl" type or game.

                        • GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 1: Adventurers
                        • GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 2: Dungeons
                        • GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 3: The Next Level
                        • GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 4: Sages

                        Action series

                        These supplements describe how to reduce GURPS to the essential abilities and rules you need to play in games inspired by action movies of the 1980s and beyond.

                        • GURPS Action 1: Heroes (PDF)
                        • GURPS Action 2: Exploits (PDF)

                        Power-Ups series

                        These supplements add a small set of new abilities for characters.

                        • GURPS Power-Ups 1: Imbuements (PDF)
                        • GURPS Power-Ups 2: Perks (PDF)

                        Third Edition (and previous editions)

                        Core books

                        • GURPS Basic Set, First Edition: Characters
                        • GURPS Basic Set, First Edition: Campaigns
                        • GURPS Basic Set, Second Edition: Characters
                        • GURPS Basic Set, Second Edition: Campaigns
                        • GURPS Basic Set, Third Edition, winner of the 1988 Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Rules.
                        • GURPS Basic Set, Third Edition (Revised)
                        • GURPS Compendium I
                        • GURPS Compendium II
                        • GURPS Lite
                        • Man To Man: Fantasy Combat from GURPS - A ruleset, extracted from the main GURPS Basic Set manual, to simulate man-to-man combats.

                        Rules supplements

                        • GURPS All-Star Jam 2004
                        • GURPS Best Of Pyramid 1 - First selection of articles from online gaming magazine Pyramid.
                        • GURPS Best Of Pyramid 2
                        • GURPS Grimoire - A companion volume for GURPS Magic, describing hundreds of spells and two new Colleges, Gates and Techs.
                        • GURPS Magic (for GURPS 3e)
                        • GURPS Martial Arts (for GURPS 3e)
                        • GURPS Psionics
                        • GURPS Religion


                        • GURPS Aliens, a collection of alien races.
                        • GURPS Fantasy Folk, a collection of fantasy races.
                        • GURPS Monsters, a collection of 48 monstrous characters including Tiamat, Bigfoot, Dracula, and original creations
                        • GURPS Rogues
                        • GURPS Supporting Cast
                        • GURPS Villains
                        • GURPS Warriors
                        • GURPS Who's Who 1, a collection of 52 historical characters including Aristotle, Aaron Burr, Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare, and Nikola Tesla
                        • GURPS Who's Who 2, a collection of 56 more historical characters
                        • GURPS Wizards


                        • GURPS Bestiary, containing information and statistics for animals, including information to play animals as player character.
                        • GURPS Blood Types, containing biographies and gaming statistics for 23 vampires and vampire-like beings, and guidelines on creating more for various campaign settings.
                        • GURPS Creatures of the Night, describing original "modern horrors" (such as "Grue Beetles", "Netherpunks" and "Slitherwens").
                        • GURPS Dinosaurs, giving game data for dinosaurs.
                        • GURPS Dragons (3rd Edition with 4th Edition appendix), giving game information and data about dragons, also as player characters.
                        • GURPS Faerie, giving character templates and campaign settings for adventures involving the Little people.
                        • GURPS Fantasy Bestiary, describing several fantasy animals and plants.
                        • GURPS Shapeshifters, about creation rules, game environments and sample characters for werewolves, Doppelgängers and other shapeshifters.
                        • GURPS Space Bestiary, describing many fictional extraterrestrial creatures, including silicon-based, crystalline, energy and liquid beings.
                        • GURPS Spirits, a guide to fictional spirits from several cultures (angels, demons, djinn, dryads, ghosts etc.), with a possible system of spirit-based magic.
                        • GURPS Undead, describing several kinds of undead creatures (vampires, zombies etc.), with rules to create more and related topics.

                        Technology and equipment

                        • GURPS Bio-Tech (for the 3e)
                        • GURPS High-Tech (for the 3e)
                        • GURPS Low-Tech
                        • GURPS Magic Items 1
                        • GURPS Magic Items 2
                        • GURPS Magic Items 3
                        • GURPS Modern Firepower
                        • GURPS Robots
                        • GURPS Steam-Tech
                        • GURPS Ultra-Tech 1
                        • GURPS Ultra-Tech 2
                        • GURPS Vehicles
                        • GURPS Vehicles Expansion 1
                        • GURPS Vehicles Expansion 2
                        • GURPS Vehicles Lite
                        • GURPS Warehouse 23

                        Genre toolkits

                        • - A sourcebook for running campaigns inspired by B-grade science fiction and horror movies of the 1950s.

                          • - Describes a post-apocalyptic setting also shared by the Car Wars boardgame and the Autoduel computer game in which characters are involved in autoduelling, combat in armed and armored motor vehicles. The sourcebook contains rules for designing vehicles, additional skills used by autoduellist characters, and new technology and social conditions of the world. The setting is extended in an additional set of sourcebooks for the Autoduel world (see below).

                            • - Pre-generated characters for GURPS Autoduel.

                              • - Sourcebook with background material and rules for adventure tale in the style of 1920s and 1930s pulp fiction.

                                • - A sourcebook to create realistic police officer characters and adventures.

                                  • GURPS Covert Ops
                                  • GURPS Cyberpunk
                                  • GURPS Espionage
                                  • GURPS Horror.
                                  • GURPS Illuminati, describing the secret societies/conspiracies genre, building on the Illuminati card game, in its turn inspired by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson's The Illuminatus! Trilogy. Winner of the 1992 Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Supplement.
                                  • GURPS Mars
                                  • GURPS Mecha
                                  • GURPS Space (for the 3e), winner of the 1988 Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Supplement.
                                  • GURPS Special Ops
                                  • GURPS Steampunk, winner of the 2000 Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Supplement.
                                  • GURPS Supers
                                  • GURPS SWAT
                                  • GURPS Time Travel, winner of the 1991 Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Supplement.

                                  History and culture

                                  • GURPS Age of Napoleon
                                  • GURPS Arabian Nights
                                  • GURPS Atlantis
                                  • GURPS Aztecs
                                  • , fantasy role-playing in the Arthurian genre.

                                    • GURPS Celtic Myth
                                    • GURPS China
                                    • GUPRS Egypt
                                    • GURPS Greece
                                    • , describing rules and setting for role-playing in the time of prehistoric man, including a shamanic magic system.

                                      • GURPS Imperial Rome, describing the historical background and adventure ideas for roleplaying in ancient Rome, including a parallel universe where Roman Empire survived till today.
                                      • GURPS Japan.
                                      • GURPS Middle Ages I, a sourcebook for running a Middle Ages themed GURPS campaign.
                                      • GURPS Old West
                                      • GURPS Places of Mystery
                                      • GURPS Robin Hood
                                      • GURPS Russia
                                      • GURPS Scarlet Pimpernel
                                      • , detailed sixteenth century role-play in the swashbuckler genre, with rules for ship combat, fencing, guns, dueling, codes of honor and so forth.

                                        • GURPS Timeline, a source book with a timeline for play and many short articles, some of which describe "Lost Continents" and some tales about "Lost Fortunes".
                                        • GURPS Vikings

                                        Fictional settings

                                        • AADA Road Atlas Volume 1: The East Coast - The first in a series of road atlases detailing the setting of GURPS Autoduel (see above).
                                        • AADA Road Atlas Volume 2: The West Coast
                                        • AADA Road Atlas Volume 3: The South
                                        • AADA Road Atlas Volume 4: Australia
                                        • AADA Road Atlas Volume 5: The Midwest
                                        • AADA Road Atlas Volume 6: The Free Oil States
                                        • AADA Road Atlas Volume 7: The Mountain West
                                        • GURPS Alpha Centauri, detailing the setting of the Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri computer game.
                                        • —presents six versions of Earth possessing alternate histories to that of our own world, as well as a number of less-detailed settings scattered throughout the book in sidebars: for instance, "Gernsback" is a parallel, inspired by 1930s science fiction adventure stories (it is named for the editor Hugo Gernsback) has as its point of divergence is the marriage of Nikola Tesla to Anne Morgan, daughter of banker and financier J. P. Morgan. Attention is given to the ways in which agents of the Infinity Patrol presented in GURPS Time Travel and their rivals from the mysterious parallel known as "Centrum" attempt to influence the course of history in each parallel; the concept of the conflict between the Infinity Patrol and Centrum across the many parallel Earths was made central to the Fourth Edition of GURPS as the default setting in the Basic Set and in the supplement GURPS Infinite Worlds.

                                          • GURPS Alternate Earths II presents six more alternate histories, among which that of Centrum, whose point of divergence is the successful crossing of the White Ship, meaning that William Adelin, the sole male heir of King Henry I of England, was never drowned.
                                          • GURPS Black Ops, describing a setting that Earth under threat from various alien, supernatural, and other monstrous powers, while the player characters are super-skilled agents of the clandestine agency "the Company", known as "Black Operatives" or "Black Ops"; the setting relies heavily on use of various known or less known urban legends and conspiracy theories.
                                          • GURPS Cabal, a customizable setting depicting a modern-day secret society composed of vampires, lycanthropes and sorcerers who study the underlying principles of magic and visit other planes of existence.
                                          • GURPS Callahan's Crosstime Saloon, a parallel world-themed setting based in a bar/space nexus that was created by Spider Robinson in his Callahan's Crosstime Saloon stories.
                                          • —detailing the world in which the adventures of Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian are set.

                                            • GURPS Cthulhupunk
                                            • GURPS Cyberworld
                                            • GURPS Discworld
                                            • GURPS Discworld Also
                                            • GURPS Fantasy
                                            • GURPS Fantasy GM's Pack
                                            • GURPS Fantasy Tredroy
                                            • GURPS Fantasy Harkwood
                                            • Hellboy Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game, detailing the world in which the adventures of Hellboy are set.
                                            • GURPS Goblins, describing an original fantasy setting in a society of goblins in London in the 1830s.
                                            • GURPS Horseclans, detailing the post-apocalyptic future described in the "Horseclans" science fiction series by Robert Adams.
                                            • GURPS Humanx, detailing the Humanx Commonwealth, the setting of a series of science fiction novels by Alan Dean Foster.
                                            • GURPS Illuminati University, detailing a fictional college where absurdity and awful puns are the order of the day; its students range from witches and werewolves to secret agents and space aliens.
                                            • GURPS Lensman, detailing the setting of the Lensman series, a series of science fiction novels by E. E. Smith.
                                            • GURPS New Sun, detailing the setting of The Book of the New Sun, a science fiction novel by Gene Wolfe.
                                            • GURPS Myth, detailing the setting of the Myth computer game.
                                            • GURPS Planet Krishna, detailing the setting of The Queen of Zamba, a science fiction novel by L. Sprague de Camp.
                                            • GURPS Planet of Adventure, describing a distant world populated by many varied alien and half-alien races, set in the world of the Planet of Adventure series of novels by Jack Vance.
                                            • GURPS Prime Directive (see above)
                                            • GURPS Prime Directive: Klingons
                                            • GURPS Prime Directive: Klingon Gunboat Deckplans
                                            • GURPS Prime Directive: Module Prime Alpha
                                            • GURPS Prisoner, detailing the setting of the UK television series The Prisoner.
                                            • GURPS Reign of Steel, describing a future world conquered by a conspiracy of artificial intelligences, after a robot revolt has concluded with the machines' victory.
                                            • GURPS Riverworld, a setting in the fictional world described in the novels of the Riverworld series by Philip José Farmer. This setting is an artificial planet where everyone who lived before a set date in history seems to have been resurrected.
                                            • GURPS Screampunk
                                            • GURPS Space Atlas
                                            • GURPS Space Atlas 2: The Corporate Worlds
                                            • GURPS Space Atlas 3: The Confederacy
                                            • GURPS Space Atlas 4: Phoenix and Saga Sectors
                                            • , describing a setting and new rules in an alternative modern Earth where magic co-exists with technology. It was based on the premise that the Trinity atomic test ripped a hole in the fabric of space-time, triggering a tornado of magical energy.

                                              • GURPS Terradyne, a future history suitable for a hard science fiction campaign-in the tradition of stories by Robert A. Heinlein, Lester Del Rey and Ben Bova-in which technology has moved man out into space and Terradyne, a space-based corporate state, dominates but does not have exclusive control of space-based industries. It was superseded by the Transhuman Space series which covers the same niche.
                                              • GURPS Uplift, based on the fictional universe envisioned by David Brin in his Uplift Universe series, where biological uplift of animals has become common.
                                              • GURPS Voodoo
                                              • GURPS War Against the Chtorr, describing additional rules and a game setting based on the War Against the Chtorr science fiction novel series by David Gerrold, which depicts an Earth invaded by an alien ecology.
                                              • —a setting based on the series of Witch World novels by Andre Norton. Included are a bestiary of Witch World creatures, details on the non-human races, a history and geography of the planet, and a color-based system of magic.


                                                • GURPS Aces Abroad
                                                • GURPS I.S.T.: International Super Teams
                                                • GURPS IST Kingston
                                                • GURPS Mixed Doubles, a collection of characters designed to be used with GURPS Supers.
                                                • GURPS Super Scum
                                                • GURPS Supertemps
                                                • GURPS Wild Cards, detailing the setting of the science fiction/superhero shared universe Wild Cards

                                                Transhuman Space

                                                • Transhuman Space
                                                • Broken Dreams
                                                • Deep Beyond
                                                • Fifth Wave
                                                • High Frontier
                                                • In The Well
                                                • Orbital Decay
                                                • Personnel Files
                                                • Singapore Sling
                                                • Spacecraft of the Solar System
                                                • Toxic Memes
                                                • Under Pressure


                                                A set of books designed to allow game play in Traveller's Third Imperium science-fiction setting using the GURPS rule system. Traveller was originally published in 1977 by Game Designers' Workshop. Steve Jackson Games also publishes online Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society, the official magazine of Traveller.

                                                • provides details about the human-descended Zhodani and the alien Vargr, as well as three minor races.

                                                  • GURPS Traveller: Alien Races 2
                                                  • GURPS Traveller: Alien Races 3
                                                  • GURPS Traveller: Alien Races 4
                                                  • GURPS Traveller: Behind the Claw
                                                  • GURPS Traveller: Deck Plan 1 Beowulf-Class Free Trader
                                                  • GURPS Traveller: Deck Plan 2 Modular Cutter
                                                  • GURPS Traveller: Deck Plan 3 Empress Marava-Class Far Trader
                                                  • GURPS Traveller: Deck Plan 4 Assault Cutter
                                                  • GURPS Traveller: Deck Plan 5 Sulieman-Class Scout/Courier
                                                  • GURPS Traveller: Deck Plan 6 Dragon-Class System Defense Boat
                                                  • GURPS Traveller: Droyne Coyn Set
                                                  • GURPS Traveller: Far Trader
                                                  • GURPS Traveller: First In
                                                  • GURPS Traveller: GM's Screen
                                                  • GURPS Traveller: Ground Forces
                                                  • GURPS Traveller: Heroes 1 - Bounty Hunters
                                                  • GURPS Traveller: Humaniti
                                                  • GURPS Traveller: Interstellar Wars (4e; see above)
                                                  • GURPS Traveller: Modular Cutter
                                                  • GURPS Traveller: Nobles
                                                  • GURPS Traveller: Planetary Survey 1 - Kamsii
                                                  • GURPS Traveller: Planetary Survey 2 - Denuli
                                                  • GURPS Traveller: Planetary Survey 3 - Granicus
                                                  • GURPS Traveller: Planetary Survey 4 - Glisten
                                                  • GURPS Traveller: Planetary Survey 5 - Tobibak
                                                  • GURPS Traveller: Planetary Survey 6 - Darkmoon
                                                  • GURPS Traveller: Psionics Institutes
                                                  • GURPS Traveller: Rim of Fire
                                                  • GURPS Traveller: Star Mercs
                                                  • GURPS Traveller: Starports
                                                  • GURPS Traveller: Starships
                                                  • GURPS Traveller: Sword Worlds

                                                  World War II

                                                  • GURPS WWII
                                                  • GURPS WWII: All the King's Men
                                                  • GURPS WWII: Hand of Steel
                                                  • GURPS WWII: Iron Cross
                                                  • GURPS WWII: Return to Honor
                                                  • GURPS WWII: Dogfaces
                                                  • GURPS WWII: Grim Legions
                                                  • GURPS WWII: Frozen Hell
                                                  • GURPS WWII: Weird War II
                                                  • GURPS WWII: Motor Pool

                                                  System conversions

                                                  • GURPS Blue Planet
                                                  • Based on the novel Watership Down, this setting uses animal characters with humans serving as an incomprehensible monster race.

                                                    • GURPS Castle Falkenstein
                                                      • GURPS Castle Falkenstein: The Ottoman Empire
                                                    • GURPS Conspiracy X
                                                    • GURPS Deadlands
                                                      • GURPS Deadlands: Hexes
                                                      • GURPS Deadlands: Varmints
                                                    • GURPS In Nomine, the GURPS conversion of the In Nomine roleplaying game
                                                    • GURPS Mage: The Ascension, the GURPS conversion of the Mage: The Ascension roleplaying game
                                                    • GURPS Ogre, a roleplaying version of the Ogre wargame
                                                    • GURPS Vampire: The Masquerade, the GURPS conversion of the Vampire: The Masquerade roleplaying game. Winner of the 1993 Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Supplement.
                                                      • GURPS Vampire Companion
                                                    • GURPS Werewolf: The Apocalypse, the GURPS conversion of the Werewolf: The Apocalypse roleplaying game


                                                    • GURPS Bili the Axe - Up Harzburk!, a campaign of solo adventures set in Robert Adams's "Horseclans" universe (see above), in which the reader/player accompanies Bili the Axe on four years of Middle Kingdoms campaigning. The book was printed with a serious error in the numbering of the paragraphs, making it virtually impossible to play the adventure as designed, and so was recalled.
                                                    • GURPS Chaos in Kansas
                                                    • GURPS Conan and the Queen of the Black Coast
                                                    • GURPS Conan: Beyond Thunder River
                                                    • GURPS Conan: Moon of Blood
                                                    • GURPS Conan: The Wyrmslayer
                                                    • GURPS Cyberpunk Adventures, winner of the 1992 Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Adventure.
                                                    • GURPS Deadlands Dime Novel 1: Aces and Eights
                                                    • GURPS Deadlands Dime Novel 2: Wanted: Undead or Alive
                                                    • GURPS Deathwish
                                                    • GURPS Fantasy Adventures
                                                    • GURPS Flight 13
                                                    • GURPS For Love of Mother-Not
                                                    • GURPS Martial Arts Adventures
                                                    • GURPS The Old Stone Fort
                                                    • GURPS Operation Endgame
                                                    • GURPS Orcslayer
                                                    • GURPS School of Hard Knocks
                                                    • GURPS Space Adventures
                                                    • GURPS Space: Stardemon
                                                    • GURPS Supers Adventures
                                                    • GURPS Time Travel Adventures
                                                    • GURPS Space: Unnight
                                                    • GURPS Zombietown U.S.A.

                                                    Japanese and Korean products

                                                    Several books were produced in Japanese, mostly by the Japanese company Group SNE, and published by various publishers.

                                                    • Translations of GURPS, 3rd (published by Kadokawa Shoten) and 4th edition
                                                    • GURPS Busin kourin - Martial arts
                                                    • GURPS Cocoon - Comical fantasy
                                                    • GURPS Damned Stalker (Gurps Youma Yakou/Hyakki Yasyou) - Modern horror
                                                    • GURPS Dragon Merc - Crossover of multi-planes
                                                    • GURPS Power up
                                                    • GURPS Ring Dream - Modern female wrestling
                                                    • GURPS RebornRebirth - Written by Shou Tomono, Tadaaki Kawahito and Group SNE; published by Hobby Base in 2006: each player character possesses his own Yuurei (guardian spirit) and fights against bad Yuureis.
                                                    • GURPS Runal/Yuel - Written by Shou Tomono and Group SNE; published by Kadokawa Shoten in 1992; "complete version" published by Fujimi Shobu in 1994. Several novels have been published based upon GURPS Runal, set in a fantasy world strongly influenced from RuneQuest: seven mysterious Moons grant magic power to their worshipers.

                                                    The Korean publisher Dayspring Games published the Korean translation of GURPS and at least an original supplement, GURPS Sylfiena, a fantasy setting.

                                                    Independent products

                                                    • GURPS Gulliver, a fan-crafted expansion for GURPS 3e published online as an e-book by T Bone. It covers the physical aspects of the characters in greater detail than the basic rules. In April 2007, T Bone released a new version for GURPS 4e, titled GULLIVER Mini, covering only basic topics related to building and playing big and small creatures.
                                                    • Historical Folks, the collected material for a planned GURPS Historical Folks title, which Steve Jackson Games cancelled late in the production process. The compiler, Brian C. Smithson, organised the material and produced a free PDF compatible with GURPS 3e with the permission of the contributors.


                                                    External links

                                                    • GURPS Worldbook Index. . The directory of all printed GURPS titles at Steve Jackson Games website.
                                                    • GURPS BibTeX. . A BibTeX archive in progress to archive the bibliographical data for GURPS books.

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