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Rossiya (airline)

Federal State Unitary Enterprise «State Transport Company «Russia» (ФГУП «Государственная транспортная компания «Россия»), operating as Rossiya - Rossiya Airlines («Россия - Российские авиалинии») and also known in the Russian market as ГТК «Россия» (Russian transliteration: GTK "Rossiya"), is an airline based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, resulting from the 2006 merger the Moscow-based company of the same name and Saint Petersburg-based Pulkovo Aviation Enterprise. The airline operates scheduled and charter passenger flights from Saint Petersburg and Moscow, and VIP flights on behalf of the Russian government, including the operation of aircraft for the President of Russia. Rossiya maintains operational bases at Pulkovo Airport in Saint Petersburg, and at Vnukovo Airport in Moscow.


The airline was established in 1992 and is wholly owned by the Russian government. In 2006 the Russian government merged Rossiya Airlines with Pulkovo Aviation Enterprise, under the Rossiya name (or GTK Russia). The new airline started flying on October 29 under one flag. The merger process began in December 2004. In November 2006 it was announced that the merger had been completed and Rossiya Airlines was registered in Saint Petersburg on 9 October 2006 has a branch in Moscow and has 54 offices in Russia and abroad.

Charter capital is 1.352 billion rubles. First Deputy General Manager of the airline is Gennadiy Boldyrev.



The Rossiya fleet includes the following aircraft (as of 12 July 2008) :
Rossiya - Russian Airlines Fleet
Aircraft Total Passengers
Airbus A319-100 5
144 (12/132) International
Airbus A320-212 2 (4 On Order)

Boeing 737-500 5
130 (130) International & Domestic
Boeing 767-300ER 2
(1 On Order)
253 (20/233) International & Domestic
Ilyushin Il-18 3
120(9/111) Domestic
Ilyushin Il-62M 9 198 (18/180) Domestic/Thailand
Ilyushin Il-86 4 350 (8/342) Exit from Service: 2010
Ilyushin Il-96 3 280 (24/256) International(1 used for the president of Russia)
Mil Mi-8 8 22 (22) Domestic
Tupolev Tu-134A 4 84 (8/76) Domestic
Tupolev Tu-154B 7 124 (8/116) Domestic
Tupolev Tu-154M 25 154 (12/142) Domestic & International
Tupolev Tu-204 1 operated for the Government of Russia
Tupolev Tu-214 3 162 (16/146) Domestic & International
Yakovlev Yak-40 7 28 (28) Domestic

As of 12 July 2008, the average age of the Rossiya fleet is 13.4 years ().

On order

Airbus A318 = 2 (On Order) = Delivery: 2008/09

Airbus A319 = 2 (On Order) = Delivery: 2008/09

Airbus A340-300 = 5 (On Order) = Entry into Service: 2010

Antonov An-148 = 18 (On Order) = Entry into Service: 2009 - 2012

Boeing 767-300ER = 2 (On Order) = Delivery: 2008/09

Tupolev Tu-334 = 5 (On Order) = Entry Into Service: T.B.A

Rossiya have ordered 27 short haul aircraft, which will replace the older aircraft used for European and Domestic flights (except some Tupolev Tu-154M).

The newer long haul fleet, which comprises Boeing 767-300ER, Ilyushin Il-96 and Tupolev Tu-214, will soon have more Boeing 767-300ER and new Airbus A340-300. These will replace the older Ilyushin Il-86 and Ilyushin Il-62M.


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