Gooch, Sir William, 1681-1751, colonial governor of Virginia (1727-49), b. Yarmouth, England. He came to Virginia after distinguished service with the British army. Nominally, Gooch was only lieutenant governor, but he was in fact the real chief executive in the colony for 22 years. He defended the colonists before the Board of Trade, was an influence in their favor with Parliament, promoted tobacco growing, and was on generally good terms with the burgesses. His resignation because of failing health was profoundly regretted by the Virginians. Gooch was created baronet in 1746 and promoted to major general in 1747.

See biography by P. S. Flippin (1926).

Gooch may stand for:

  • A surname of Welsh origin meaning "ruddy man, red-haired" or a derivation of a surname of Dutch origin, predominantly encountered in East Anglia
  • Son of Eochaidh (rich in cattle)
  • A shortening of the term Gooch crucible, a sintered glass crucible employed in high precision analytical chemistry, named after its inventor, Frank Austen Gooch
  • In steam locomotives the Gooch Valve gates a hydraulic assist used to shift the point where the connecting rod attaches to the driver wheel as a method for moving the engine off of top dead center.

Gooch is a surname, and may refer to:



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