GAME Loyalty Card

GAME Loyalty Card

The GAME Loyalty Card is a loyalty card scheme in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia, used and obtained from top game retailer, GAME. Members can redeem 2.5% cashback, by earning points. Redemption includes games and consoles, but gift cards, gift vouchers and digital downloads are excluded.

There has been two editions of the card. The newest version is shown on the right. The older version featured the GAME logo, with a left aglined 'Reward Card'.

There is an original cost of £3 in the UK. Cards can also be linked to


There are certain promotions in store and online, where a member of the program/scheme can get discounts or offers..

Double points can be earned by purchasing pre-orders and in special promotions. However, there are no points awarded when purchasing Gift Vouchers or Download products.

Earning Points

GAME awards 10 points for every £1 spent in store or online. Every 1000 points earned, allows one to have a discount of £2.50 on any console or game, but not gift cards, downloads or other gift items.


Currently only GAME and the online GAME store, give out points. It is possible that, with the purchase of Gamestation , they may start giving out points. However, this has not been confirmed or even announced.





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