GAK (album)


GAK, Gak, or gak can refer to

  • slang term for methamphetamine, cocaine, or marijuana
  • Cyclin G-associated kinase, a protein kinase
  • Ağdam, Khojavend, a village in Azerbaijan formerly known as Gak
  • video post-production industry name for digitally created, often abstract, background patterns and effects used mainly in TV programming
  • the Austrian football club Grazer AK (Austrian sports reporters almost exclusively use the acronym)
  • GAK (album) by GAK, a pseudonym of Aphex Twin
  • a slimy modeling compound from Nickelodeon and distributed by Mattel in the 1990s. (see Nickelodeon compounds)
  • a slime used on Double Dare 2000 (similar to the toy)
  • Global Alliance Klan- An online gaming community with members spanning the globe. BF2, Joint Operations, Anarchy Online
  • The Gak, an improvised band featuring members of Guns N' Roses, Metallica and Skid Row

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