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G7 Welcoming Committee Records

G7 Welcoming Committee Records is a Canadian independent record label started by Chris Hannah and Jord Samolesky of Propagandhi, and their friend Regal in 1997. The label is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, operates out of The Old Market Autonomous Zone, and mostly gives out artists and speakers that are for social change and have a radical point of view.

On April 1st 2008, it was announced on the G7 website that the company would cease to release new material.

Political aspect

According to the G7 website, when the label was established, the founders hoped "to create a label that politically radical bands and speakers could unflinchingly support and call home; where the driving force behind the label's output was social change and radical thought; and where the structure of the organization didn't contradict itself by mimicking the structures of unbalanced power and hierarchy in the profit-driven corporate world." To this end the label incorporates the economic structure Parecon proposed by Robin Hahnel and Michael Albert.

The name is a reference to the G7 (now, including Russia, the G8) which brings together the world's richest and most powerful countries in yearly summits to discuss the global political and economic society and to make collective decisions. The label's website explains, "The G7 Welcoming Committee is an idea of resistance [...] A 'Welcoming Committee' to tell them, with words and actions, what we think of their power and neo-colonialism, around the world and at home, and that people are willing to fight back ..."

Bands that have released music on G7

It also carries spoken word material by Noam Chomsky, Ward Churchill, Ann Hansen, and Howard Zinn.

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