Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star

, often shortened simply to Pretty Cure Splash Star, PreCure Splash Star, or PuriKyua Supurashu Suta, is a magical girl anime series produced by Toei Animation and Asahi Broadcasting Corporation, which has been broadcast across Japan by the anime television network, Animax, TV Asahi and Asahi Broadcasting Corporation. It is a continuation of the earlier series Futari wa Pretty Cure and its second series Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart but with a continuity reboot, retaining concepts of the earlier series but with a different set of characters and unrelated plot.

In December 2006, a Splash Star movie was released in Japan under the title .


Saki Hyuuga, and Mai Mishou who are contacted by Flappy and Choppy, beings from the Land of Fountains, are given the power to transform into Cure Bloom and Cure Egret. The villains of this series are the Dark Fall who are searching for the last of the seven fountains of the Land of Fountains (the Fountain of Sun) that feed the World Tree - the source of all life for all worlds. The Leader of the Dark Fall has set his aim on this tree, and it is Pretty Cure's job to protect it. Flappy refers to Saki and Mai's world as the Land of Greenery rather than the Garden of Rainbows of the earlier series, which may mean Splash Star does not take place in the same universe as the previous series.

In the Splash Star movie, Sirlion, a dark fall warrior, opens up a gateway to the Land of Clocks using directions from Mai. His plan to dominate the world is to halt the infinite clock and freeze time, cutting off everyone's future. Saki and Mai already have disagreements after Saki overslept and Mai wandered off into a nearby clock store, causing them to miss the sign-up for the karaoke singing contest. After being thrown into an endless maze, Saki and Mai have to work in unison if they want to solve the puzzle.


Heroes & allies

/ /
Like Nagisa, Saki is a cheerful athletic girl. She is a member of Yuunagi Middle School's girls' softball team, and a very good player and like Nagisa she enjoys sweets a lot. Her family runs a bakery. She also has a sister named Minori, who she shares a room with. Saki's whole name can translate into "A flower that blooms toward the sun" or a sunflower, and a sunflower is also Cure Bloom's symbol.
As Cure Bloom, Saki introduces herself as, "Kagayaku kin no hana, Cure Bloom!" while she introduces herself as "Tenkuu ni michiru tsuki, Cure Bright!" in her Cure Bright form. / /
Mai is a reserved academic girl however, unlike Honoka, she seems to prefer the arts to sciences. Her father is an astronomer, her mother is an archeologist and her brother, Kazuya, wishes to follow in his footsteps. She and her family live in an observatory. Her whole name can translate into "The beautiful flying dance".
As Cure Egret, Mai introduces herself as "Kirameku gin no tsubasa, Cure Egret!" whereas she introduces herself as, "Daichi ni kaoru kaze, Cure Windy!" as Cure Windy.
Spirit of the flower, he likes to eat rice and ends his sentences with the word "lapi".
Spirit of birds, she ends her sentences with the word "chopi".
Mysterious spirit of the moon appeared in episode 24 and has some connection to Michiru. "Muu" comes from . He ends his sentences with the word "mupu". Kaoru once rescued Mupu and Fupu from the fallen tree.
Mysterious spirit of the wind appeared in episode 24 with Muupu and has some connection to Kaoru. "Fuu" came from "風" (usually romanized as "kaze", but can be read as "fuu" and it means the wind). She ends her sentences with the word "pupu". Mupu and Fupu can use the power of the moon and wind to power up Pretty Cure with the Spiral Ring Set.
Queen of the Land of Fountains. She appears when Pretty Cure restores one of the ruined fountains and leave a keyword about what will happen in the future to Pretty Cure before she disappears. Nobody knows where she lives now. In the last episode, Flappy told Pretty Cure that Filia's true identity is the soul of The World Tree.
=>Akemi Okamura
A mysterious girl who meets Saki and Mai at The Sky Tree in episode 14. She seems cold and rude. Kaoru is always with her sister, Michiru. They are really part of the Dark Fall. Their duty is to guard the Fountain of Sky. They pretend to be exchange students and go to Yuunagi Junior High School in order to gather more information about Pretty Cure. Kaoru has long blue hair and blue eyes. Kaoru and Michiru sacrifice their lives to protect Saki and Mai. However, in episode 42, she and Michiru return to assist Pretty Cure in defeating Gooyan.
Kaoru's younger sister. She has short red hair and red eyes. They both seem confused and do not know many things about the Land of Greenery at first, but they quickly learn. "霧" means "fog" and "生" means "life, birth". In episode 23, Michiru and Kaoru use their last power to save their precious friends, Saki and Mai, from Akudaikaan and send them back to their world. However, in episode 42, she and Kaoru return to assist Pretty Cure in defeating Gooyan.


Throughout the whole series, Pretty Cure's enemies are the Dark Fall Villains. It should be noted that in episode 41, Gooyan used the Fairy Carafe to bring the villains (except Michiru and Kaoru) back to life to defeat Pretty Cure.
Karehaan is the first of the Dark Fall to attack Earth; he was sent to capture Flappy and Choppy and force them to tell him where the Fountain of Sun is. When they refused to reply, he began to harm them until Saki and Mai stepped in and transformed for the first time. Karehaan transforms plants into Uzainaa monsters; he appears plant-like himself. His name comes from the word "kareha" which is Japanese for "dead leaves".
Moerumba is the 2nd of the Dark Fall to attack Earth after Karehaan fails. He acts and appears like Latin Americans with colorful clothing and having the intention to dance. He appears interested in attacking Pretty Cure with stronger and more powerful Uzainaa monsters. He calls Pretty Cure "Señorita." His name comes from 2 words, "moeru" (means "burn" in Japanese) and "rumba (a kind of Latin dancing)".
DoroDoron is the 3rd of the Dark Fall to attack Earth after Moerumba fails. He's an arachnic-like creature that travels underground instead of through the air. DoroDoron transforms earth-objects like rocks and cobblestones into Uzainaa monsters. He also takes some commands from 2 suspicious girls (Kiryuu Kaoru and Kiryuu Michiru) that are in the same class as Mai and Saki. His name comes from the word "doro" which means "mud" in Japanese.
She is the next Dark Fall after Michiru and Kaoru; dresses in old Chinese fashion. "Mizu" means "water" and "shitataare" comes from the word "shitataru" which means "dripping, dropping". She can turn anything related to water to Uzainaa. It seems she's the one who destroyed both the Fountain of Water and the Fountain of Sky. Saki calls her "Hanamizu-taare" (note: hanamizu means nasal mucus) and she's the one who revealed Michiru and Kaoru are alive and still at Dark Fall.
The last Dark Fall after Ms. Shitataare. His skin is gold in color and he is the strongest of the Dark Fall. He also likes to exercise and work out. His name comes from "kin" which is Japanese for "gold" or "metal", and "kintore" is an abbreviation of "kinniku(muscle) training". Hence, his name can be translated as "(I) like muscle training".
Much like the Zakenna before them, Uzainaa are monsters that can be fused with things (different members of the Dark Fall can fuse Uzainaa with things pertaining to different elements for example, Calahan used wood-related Uzainaa), when defeated, element spirits are released from them who thank Pretty Cure for freeing them. Its name comes from the adjective "uzai", the colloquial word for "annoying" which has become very popular in recent years.
The evil ruler of Dark Fall, he wants to take over the World Tree, and has managed to capture six of the seven fountains that water it. He has sent out minions to try and find the location of the last of these fountains, the Fountain of the Sun. He appears as a shadow-covered towering robed demon like being with a pair of glowing red eyes which shine out of the cave in which he lives. His name comes from 2 words, "aku (evil)" and "daikan (a local administrator of Tokugawa shogunate)". Aku-daikan (a dishonest administrator) is a kind of typical villain of jidaigeki.
Akudaikaan's aide. Ms. Shitataare calls him "Go-chan". His name comes from the word "gōyā (means a bitter melon in Okinawa)" and also "Echigo-ya (a shop name)". Echigo-ya is thought a synonym for a dishonest merchant as a villain of jidaigeki in Japan. In episode 47, it is revealed that he was the one who created Akudaikaan. After killing him, he transforms into a gigantic monster but is eventually defeated by Pretty Cure's Spiral Heart Splash Star in the final episode.

Other characters

  • - A childhood friend of Saki's
  • Manabu Miyasako
  • - Saki's softball teammate
  • - A catcher on Saki's softball team

Powers of Pretty Cure

The girls exhibit attacks that are somewhat similar to the attacks of the original Futari wa Pretty Cure series.

  • Daichi no seirei yo, Oozora no seirei yo, Ima PRECURE totomo ni! Kiseki no chikara o tokihanatte! Pretty Cure Twin Stream Splash! - This attack performed by Cure Bloom and Cure Egret is similar to Marble Screw but it uses yellow and blue liquid rather than black and white lightning. They call on the spirits of earth and sky to attack the enemy. Translates to, "O spirits of the earth, O spirits of the sky, Now together with PreCure! Release the power of a miracle! Pretty Cure Twin Stream Splash!"
  • Seirei no hikari yo, inochi no kagayaki yo! Kibou e michibike, futatsu no kokoro! Pretty Cure Spiral Heart Splash! - Pretty Cure's new technique in episode 24. They can use it when they wear the Spiral Rings. After doing their speech and unleashing the blue and yellow liquid from their hands, the blue and yellow liquid changes into what resembles a screw and surrounds the enemy. The screw then changes into a circle with a yellow heart attached to it.
  • Seirei no hikari yo, inochi no kagayaki yo! Kibou e michibike, futatsu no kokoro! Pretty Cure Spiral Star Splash! - The other attack extends from Spiral Heart Splash, use when in Cure Bright and Cure Windy's form and also with the Spiral Rings. Note that this attack makes use of yellow-green and pink liquid instead of yellow and blue liquid.
  • Seirei no hikari yo, inochi no kagayaki yo! Kibou e michibike, subete no kokoro! Pretty Cure Spiral Heart Splash Star! - The more powerful attack of precure on splash star season.

Artifacts and Places

  • Mix Commune - similar to earlier versions, Flappy and Choppy become cellphones. Unlike earlier versions though, the cards are called PreCure Diamonds and are inserted into the top of the cellphone. The disc at the top is capable of spinning.
  • Crystal Commune (クリスタル コミューン Kurisutaru Komyūn)- Flappy and Choppy's new form. Saki and Mai can choose between Cure Bright/Cure Windy or Cure Bloom/Cure Egret when they use these communes. PreCure Diamonds are not needed anymore. Instead, they turn open the top of the commune.
  • PreCure Diamonds - these work just like the cards in the first 2 series. The difference is that 2 PreCure Diamonds must be placed in each side of the dial. They have 2 for transformations and thus far, Saki has NigiNigi and ResuResu. NigiNigi looks like a rice ball while ResuResu wears a pink outfit. Both were placed into the Cellphone at top and Saki spins the disc, saying, "Mix up" and Flappy got a rice dish. Saki also has AmaAma and KiraKira.
  • The Drop of Miracle (奇跡の雫, Kiseki no Shizuku) - It is the colored small ball that fall from the sky when Pretty Cure have defeated the Uzainaa. They are needed to restore the ruined fountains. The Drop of Miracle's color come from the color of each day in one week.
  • Fairy Carafe (フェアリー キャラフェ Fearī Kyarafe) - Pretty Cure found this item in episode 7. It is used to store the Drops of Miracle. One ruined fountain will be restored for every seven Drops of Miracle in the Fairy Carafe.
  • PreCure Charm Pencase - The magical pencases allow Saki and Mai use the magical pen to write their wish onto the magical paper so their wishes can be granted.
  • Splash Commune - It looks like a mini computer. This item is found at the Sky Tree when Saki and Mai returned from The Fountain of Sky. Mupu and Fupu act like the "switches" to turn on this commune.
  • Spiral Ring Set (スパイラル リング Supairaru Ringu) - Pretty Cure got these items when Mupu and Fupu jumped into Splash Commune. Bloom's spiral ring is a belt and Egret's spiral ring is a bracelet. There are three parts to this item: two blue-colored rings and the main part of the Spiral Ring. When PreCure use the Spiral Rings in Bloom & Egret's forms, the Spiral Rings' shapes look like a heart. When used in Bright & Windy's forms, their shapes look like a star.


  • Land of Greenery  (緑の郷, Midori no Sato) - Like the Garden of Rainbows, this is a name referring to our world.
  • Land of Fountains  (泉の郷, Izumi no Sato) - Flappy and Choppy's World.
  • 7 Fountains  (7つの泉, Nanatsu no Izumi) - They are the holy springs that feed World Tree. The Dark Fall wanted to destroy them in order to destroy the World Tree. Only the Fountain of Sun still remains.
    • Fountain of Sun (太陽の泉, Taiyou no Izumi) - The last fountain that remained untouched by the Dark Fall. In order to protect this fountain, Saki and Mai became Pretty Cure.
    • Fountain of Sky (空の泉, Sora no Izumi) - One of the fountain destroyed by Dark Fall. Michiru and Kaoru used to guard this fountain, but now they go to Land of Greenery to spy on Pretty Cure. Pretty Cure restored this fountain in episode 24. One of the Drops of Miracle is obtained from episode 21 and the other six are gotten from Michiru and Kaoru in episode 23.
    • Fountain of Fire (火の泉, Hi no Izumi) - One of the fountain destroyed by Dark Fall and this fountain's spirit was controlled by Moerumba. Pretty Cure restored this fountain in episode 13.
    • Fountain of Water (水の泉, Mizu no Izumi) - One of the fountain destroyed by Dark Fall and this fountain's spirit was controlled by Mizu Shitataare. Pretty Cure restored this fountain in episode 33.
    • Fountain of Trees (木の泉, Ki no Izumi) - One of the fountain destroyed by Dark Fall and this fountain's spirit was controlled by Karehaan. Pretty Cure restored this fountain in episode 7.
    • Fountain of Gold (金の泉, Kin no Izumi) - One of the fountains destroyed by Dark Fall and this fountain's spirit was controlled by Kintoleski. Pretty Cure restored this fountain in episode 41.
    • Fountain of Earth (土の泉, Tsuchi no Izumi) - One of the fountain destroyed by Dark Fall and this fountain's spirit was controlled by Dorodoron. Pretty Cure restored this fountain in episode 20.

The 7 fountains' names come from the name of each day in Japanese except the Fountain of Sky. (although there is relationship between sky and moon)

  • Dark Fall - The main tower stands alone in the water. It has a path from the entrance into the cave at the main tower. Akudaikaan and Goyan live in this cave.
  • The World Tree (世界樹, Sekaiju) - The very huge tree located in the Land of Fountains. It rules all lifes in all worlds.
  • The Sky Tree (大空の木, Oozora no Ki) - The big tree which on the top of mountain. This tree is the door to Land of Fountains.
  • Yuunagi Junior High School - Saki and Mai's school.
  • Seikai High School - Mai's older brother, Kazuya, studies in this school.
  • Panpaka Pan - The bakery shop run by Saki's family.
  • Land of Clocks (時計の郷, Tokei no Sato) (Movie only) - This world houses the Infinite Clock which controls time.

Production and distribution

The series is produced by Toei Animation and Asahi Broadcasting Corporation, having been broadcast across Japan by the anime television network, Animax and TV Asahi.

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