Furman Stewart Baldwin

Furman Stewart Baldwin

Furman S. Baldwin is an American photographer, best known for the picture he took in 1947 of his two-year-old son and two neighborhood girls. Commonly called Il Bacio (The Kiss), this photo has become one of the world's most recognized images of mid-century American children. In this photo, one of the neighbors seams to look a bit jealous because the boy is not kissing her. The boy in the picture is Baldwin's son, Furman Stewart Baldwin, Jr.

A native of Buffalo, New York, Furman S. Baldwin is the son of Furman O. Baldwin, one of the renowned photographic pioneers of the American Colony in Jerusalem.

Furman S. Baldwin served as a navy pilot in the Pacific theater during World War II and served as a civilian for the Department of Defense at The United States Military Academy at West Point until his retirement in 1985.

He currently resides in Millbrae, California with his wife, Margaret.

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