Furius Baco

Furius Baco

Furius Baco is a hydraulically-launched steel roller coaster located at PortAventura in Salou, Catalonia, Spain. Manufactured by Intamin AG, the ride opened on June 7 2007 as the fastest roller coaster in Europe at 83.9 mph, which the ride reaches in 3.5 seconds. This beats the previous record holder in the UK Thorpe Park where Stealth held Europe's record of the fastest roller coaster at 80mph. Furius Baco is also the world's fastest roller coaster with an inversion, at 83.9 mph. It is also the world's smallest Intamin Accelerator Coaster in height, at only 46 feet tall.

It features several large turns, with a long inline twist, and a finale turn over the lake. The ride also features a different seating arrangement to other Intamin Accelerator coasters, where the seats are attached to the side of the barrel themed trains. This gives the riders the ultimate floorless feeling, with no track beneath or above them, and no floor beneath them either. This arrangement has now been commonly dubbed as 'wing walker' trains.

Furius Baco is 850 meters long, lasts 55 seconds and cost 15 million euros to build.

Since opening, the ride has experienced some technical problems, and as a result has had to shut down for varying periods of time during opening hours.

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