Funyuns is the brand name of an onion-flavored corn snack introduced in 1969. While constituted primarily of cornmeal, Funyuns are ring-shaped, evoking the shape and texture of fried onion rings. They are a product of the Frito-Lay Company. They were named "Funyuns" by University of North Texas professor and copywriter Jim Albright after it was discovered that the first choice of name for the product, "OnYums", had already been taken.

Funyuns are deep-fried rings of enriched corn meal-based material that are coated with pungent, pale yellowish, onion-flavored powder.

In 2006, the "window cutout" showing the actual product inside the bag was replaced by a photograph of the product, falling in line with the design of the rest of Frito-Lay's product line. The big-bag Funyuns was one of the last Frito-Lay brands to completely phase out the "window cutout".

Funyuns have won numerous taste tests, beating out other chips such as Doritos, Fritos, O-Ke-Doke products, and Chee-tos.

Comedy Central's Drawn Together character, Foxxy Love, is a large consumer of Funyuns, Often using the phrase "Dem's Foxxy funyuns!"


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