Funnybones (Welsh: Y Sgerbydion) was a Welsh children's television series that was first aired in Welsh on S4C and in English on the BBC in 1992. It was based on the eponymous series of books by Janet and Allan Ahlberg which were illustrated by Andre Amstutz and focused on the adventures of a gang of skeletons. There was a Big Skeleton (whose catchphrase was "Good idea!"), a Little Skeleton and a Dog Skeleton. Each episode was 5 minutes in length. The voices were provided by popular comedian Griff Rhys Jones who also sang the theme tune.

Episode Guide

1. The Pet Shop (air date September 29, 1992) Big and Little decide to swap Dog for another pet, because all he does is bark and dig holes.

2. Bumps in the Night (October 6, 1992) It is a particularly dark, dark night tonight, and Big and Little keep bumping into each other.

3. Give the Dog a Bone (October 13, 1992) Dog is having his favourite dream - the one about a big, juicy bone!

4. Dinosaurs (October 20, 1992) Dog gets left behind when Big and Little decide to visit the dark, dark dinosaur museum.

5. Ghost Train (October 27, 1992) Big, Little and Dog are invited to take a trip on the ghost train.

6. Skeleton Crew (November 3, 1992) The skeletons are on a boat holiday on a dark, dark sea. What could possibly go wrong?

7. Mystery Tour (November 10, 1992) The skeletons receive invitations to a party at the end of the Mystery Tour.

8. Wishbone (November 17, 1992) The skeletons find a huge wishbone, and try to decide which one of them has the best idea for a wish to wish for.

9. Shake, Rattle and Roll (November 24, 1992) The skeletons decide to put on a show.

10. Cat Chase (December 1, 1992) What happens when a white, white dog disappears in the white, white snow?

11. City Nights (December 8, 1992) Little is bored with the quiet life on the dark, dark hill.

12. Night Fright (December 15, 1992) The skeletons decide to go out and frighten anything they come across.

A BBC video entitled "Funnybones - Bumps in the Night" (BBCV 4871) which contained all 12 episodes was released soon after the series ended, but this is now out of print.


  • Based on a series of books by: Janet & Allan Ahlberg
  • Illustrated by: Andre Amstutz
  • Written by: Jocelyn Stevenson
  • Voices: Griff Rhys Jones
  • Music: Ernie Wood
  • Animation: Graham Griffiths, Chris Webster, Steve Hayne, Reg Lodge, Sue Rowe, Bill Tapp
  • Layout: Neil Graham
  • Storyboards: Clive Dawson
  • Trace & Paint/Backgrounds: The Ink & Paint Co. Ltd
  • Sound: Taran
  • Camera & Dubbing: Rostrum Camera Ltd
  • Film Editor: Robert Francis
  • Assistant Editors: William Oswald, Jane Murrell
  • Production Coordinator: Ceri Griffin
  • Executive Producers: Theresa Plummer-Andrews, Christopher Grace
  • Produced by: Naomi Jones
  • Directed by: Gary Hurst

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