Fumio Goto

Goto (disambiguation)

Goto may mean:

  • Goto, or go to, a branching construct in programming languages
  • Gotō, Nagasaki, a city in Japan
  • GoTo (telescopes), a technology used to automatically aim a telescope at astronomical objects without human intervention
  • G0-T0, alias his coverup identity of 'Goto', a droid and a playable character in the videogame Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords
  • Goto.com, an Internet search engine company, renamed as Overture Services before being acquired by Yahoo!
  • Gotō Islands
  • Goto-gumi, a yakuza gang.
  • Goto clan
  • Goto Predestinatsia, Russian Navy warship
  • Goto - a kind of Filipino rice porridge.

is a Japanese surname:

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