Fueros of Navarre

Fueros of Navarre

The Fueros of Navarre (Full English:Charters of Navarre), or Fuero general de Navarra (Full English: General Charter of Navarre), were the medieval laws of the kingdom of Navarre. They were a sort of constitution which defined the position of the king, the nobility, and the judicial procedures. The first codifications are attested by modifications or amendments (amejoramientos) dated to 1330 and 1419.


From 1515 until 1841, Navarre was in effect an autonomous kingdom in personal union with the Spanish crown. It was allowed to retain a large degree of home rule, preserving much of the institutions of the independent kingdom.

A viceroy represented the Spanish monarch. The Cortes was the main legislative body, composed of three estates of clergy, nobles and burgesses. There was a Royal Council and a Supreme Court, as well as a Diputacion del Reino (similar to the Generalidad of Aragon and the Generalitats of Catalonia and Valencia).

Source * The Kingdom of Navarra - Origin and Evolution

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