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Ceres Fruit Juices

Ceres Fruit Juices is a company based in South Africa, with Pieter Hanekom as CEO. It produces fruit juice, and various other products based on fruit. It advertises that their products are made from 100% fruit juice, and are sold without preservatives, but rather aseptic processing. The products are widely sold in Africa, and imported to many areas, including North America, Europe, and Asia. America is one of their largest markets.



Ceres, attributed with the same name at the parent company, is also the flagship. It sells a number of different juices. These include:

Other Products

  • Ceres Plus
  • Ceres Sparkling
  • Ceres Iced Fruit Teas
  • Ceres Organic
  • Ceres Junior Juice
  • Liqui-Fruit
  • Liqui-Spritz
  • Liqui-Cooler
  • Fruitee
  • Fruitee Jabba

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