Friedrich August

Friedrich August

Kekulé von Stradonitz, Friedrich August, 1829-96, German organic chemist. He was professor at Ghent (1858-65) and at Bonn from 1865. He made studies of various carbon compounds, especially benzene, for the molecular structure of which he developed the ring theory. This theory is of fundamental importance to modern chemistry.
King-Friedrich-August-Tower (German: König-Friedrich-August-Turm) is the only observation tower of cast iron and perhaps the oldest tower built of iron. King-Friedrich-August-Tower is located on "Löbauer Berg" at Löbau, Saxony.

It was built in 1854. King-Friedrich-August-Tower, which has a total height of 28 metres has three observation galleries 12, 18 and 24 metres above ground. It was designed by Friedrich August Bretschneider jun. and its erection cost 25000 Taler. Construction work started on May 18th, 1854 after preparation of ground started on January 12th, 1854. On September 9th, 1854 it was inaugurated after King Friedrich August died in Tirol just before. In 1993, it was dismantled and its parts were thoroughly restored. In 1994, it was rebuilt.

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