Fried bread

Fried bread

Fried bread or fried slice is bread, sliced, fried and served as part of, or as an accompaniment to, a meal.

A British fry-up may include fried bread, as may the traditional full English breakfast. In the UK, the term "fried bread" may also refer to French Toast or "eggy bread", in which bread is coated in a mixture of whole egg and milk, and then fried, as an accompaniment to an English breakfast or as a snack.

Over the last couple of decades, concerns over health issues have led to the increasingly common substitution of toast for fried bread in these meals.

A traditional Irish breakfast doesn't usually contain any fried bread but is usually accompanied by soda bread. In Northern Ireland this type of soda bread is more commonly referred to as Wheaten Farls. An Ulster fry contains fried soda farls, fried potato farls, and sometimes fried pancakes too.

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