Freakshow (film)

Freakshow (film)

Freakshow is a 2007 independent film which was made by The Asylum Studios, directed by Drew Bell.


Freakshow portrays a group of friends who are plotting to work together to steal their a rich traveling carnival owner's fortune. The thieves work as security in the carnival and the storyline centers around the "Freakshow Gallery". Lucy, who belongs to the thieving group decides to attempt to take the fortune by herself. She seduces the Boss and marries him. The youngest member of the Freaks learns of the plan and is murdered by the thieves. After the murder is uncovered, they immediately plot revenge on the group. All of the group of thieves are murdered besides the woman, who swears her love to the carnival boss. So the freaks decide to make her a full member of their troop. They cut off her tongue, breasts, fingers and toes, then they skin her alive and wrap her up. The movie ends when she is displayed in the Freakshow Gallery as "The Worm Girl". This film is rated R for gore and nudity.

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