Frasier Has Spokane

Frasier Has Spokane

"Frasier Has Spokane" is the twenty-second episode in season 9 of American sitcom Frasier.

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Plot outline

Frasier's show has been picked up by a station in Spokane, and he excitedly announces that he and Roz have been invited there by the station to do their first show from Spokane. Once off air, he also learns from Roz that she and Roger have broken up. Frasier wants to help, but Roz says she is OK about it. Once in Spokane, Frasier appears at a press conference to introduce himself and Roz to the local media. Here, Frasier learns that he is replacing a local institution, Neil Sullivan (known as Sully locally), and he gets the impression that the locals are not that impressed with him. When Sully makes an impromptu appearance he receives a hero's welcome from the local press.

Things do not go too smoothly during Frasier's show either, every caller wants him to go back to Seattle, with some deciding to boycott the station until Sully comes back on the air. Frasier is determined to show the local audience his brand of therapy can help, and so convinces Roz to call in with a problem. This soon develops into helping Roz get over Roger, and seems to impress the Spokane audience. Meanwhile, Martin, Niles and Daphne work together to try and build a TV table, at least until Daphne's bossiness takes over.

Episode title cards

  • Getting Sullied

Memorable Quotations

Daphne is taking Niles to a concert
Niles: Am I dressed appropriately for something called Bananarama?

Niles and Frasier cannot believe their father is going to try and build a TV table
Niles: The scariest words of my childhood were: “Your father needs your help down in the basement”

Daphne sees Niles dressed in a suit for the concert
Daphne: You're not going in those clothes. Come with me. I got you some hair gel and parachute pants!

Neil Sullivan speaks to the press at Frasier's press conference
Neil Sullivan: When my Dad retired, he died a month later. Take that anyway you like.

Daphne makes fun of Martin's way of giving stupid names to all his tools
Daphne: Watch out for the extension cord. That's the orange electricity hose(!)

Kenny wonders if Frasier has seen the newspaper's negative reaction to him
Frasier: I read it. Everything from the adoring salute to Sully, to the cartoon of me and Satan doing a jig on Sully's coffin!

Frasier takes his first call in Spokane
Frasier: Hello caller, I'm listening.
Caller: Go back to Seattle! (hangs up)

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