Frank Cooper (character)

Frank Cooper (character)

Frank Achilles Cooper Jr. is a fictional character on the popular CBS daytime soap opera, Guiding Light. The character is the son of Buzz Cooper and his late ex-wife, Nadine Corley. The character was originated by Frank Dicopoulos in October 1987 and has been the only actor to play the role to date.

Frank raised his younger sister, Harley, on his own after their father's apparent death and their mother's desertion. The two siblings only had their grandfather to turn to for help when they needed it. When the character was introduced in 1987, Frank was working as a car mechanic to support Harley (who was also pregnant at the time). Though he was a man with honourable intentions, money was hard to come by and he agreed to chop stolen cars for a man named George Stewart. When Frank decided he had had enough, George blackmailed him into continuing by threatening to tell his son, Cameron, about Harley giving birth to a daughter. At the time, Cameron and Harley were going out and the latter was deeply smitten with George's son. When George was finally arrested in 1988, district attorney Ross Marler did Frank a favour by not placing him under arrest. After that episode of criminal activity, Frank cleaned up his business for good and opened a detective agency with partner, Rusty Shayne.

At around this time, Nadine also returned to Springfield and unlike Harley, Frank took his time to come around and forgive his mother for abandoning her family.

Family, Romantic Entanglements, Marriages and Children


  • Buzz Cooper and Nadine Corley (deceased) (parents)
  • Jenna Bradshaw Cooper (stepmother; deceased)
  • Harley Cooper, Lucy Cooper, Coop Bradshaw and Rocky Cooper (siblings; Lucy and Coop are his half-siblings while Rocky was adopted)
  • Gus Aitoro (brother-in-law)
  • Susan Lemay, Zach Spaulding and Jude Bauer (niece and nephews)
  • Dante "Pops" Kouperakis (grandfather; deceased)
  • Stavros Kouperakis (grand uncle)


Marital status: Single

  • Eleni Andros Spaulding (divorced; 1994-2000)

Significant Romantic Relationships

  • Mindy Lewis (ex-lovers)
  • Dana Jones (engaged at her death)
  • Selena Davis (ex-lovers)
  • Blake Thorpe Marler (ex-lovers)
  • Darci Matthews (broken engagement)
  • Olivia Spencer (ex-dated)


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