Foxy the Silver Fox

Silver fox

Silver fox can refer to several animals:

  • The melanin-related discoloration of Vulpes vulpes, a genetically determined color phase of the common Red Fox in which the fur is black tipped with white. See Tame Silver Fox.
  • A critically endangered American breed of rabbit, with distinctive silvering on its coat. See Silver Fox Rabbit

It may also refer to:

  • A World War II military campaign codename, Operation Silver Fox.
  • An LNER Class A4 steam locomotive (LNER 2512, British Railways 60017), featured in the film Elizabethan Express.
  • "Silver Fox," a song by RJD2 from his 2002 album Deadringer
  • Silver Fox, a character in the Marvel comics universe.
  • A snow cone flavor.
  • The nickname of country music star Charlie Rich
  • Hwang Jang Lee, a Korean martial artist and film actor known as the Silver Fox.
  • The nicknames of two professional poker players: Peter Costa and Mel Judah.
  • A nickname for NHL G.M. Cliff Fletcher
  • A nickname for hockey legend Lester Patrick
  • A nickname for NASCAR legend David Pearson
  • A nickname for BBC News presenter Matthew Amroliwala
  • A nickname for the snooker player David Taylor
  • A nickname for an exceptionally clever individual, often conniving or intended in a pejorative sense. "Silver fox" generally comes from the combination of the idiomatic "silver tongue" and the Western cultural staple of foxes as a symbol of both swiftness and craftiness.
  • Nickname given to salt and pepper or gray haired often handsome men. Also known as 'silver-haired foxes'.
  • In sexual slang, an elderly woman who is of sexual appeal, as in the expression "Silver Foxes With Silver Boxes." Also now used in reference to older men.
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