Formula E

Formula E

Formula E has been used for two different types of formula racing.

One was basically Formula Ford with 1600 cc engines and outboard suspension. Formula E had a particularly strong following in Northern England.

Formula E is also used as a class in kart racing. There it is a 250 cc unlimited class.

Formula E is also a class of open wheel racing within the SCCA. It is also known as Formula SCCA. The true name of the car is a Van Diemen DP06. It is built by Van Diemen, which is part of Elan Motorsports. The car is distributed by SCCA Enterprises.It is powered by a 2.3 liter Mazda inline four cylinder motor. The car is eligible in SCCA as a Formula Enterprise (FE). The car also has a separate set of bodywork that makes it closed wheel. With this bodywork it is eligible in SCCA as a C sports racer (CSR) and also in the L3 class of IMSA Lites.

Formula Enterprise Car Specs Drive Train

  • 2.3 Liter sealed Mazda engine
  • Alloy head and block
  • Twin cam, 16 valve
  • Torque = 170 at 4,700 rpm
  • Estimated 175+ Horsepower
  • Electronic fuel ignition by MBE
  • Elite sequential gearbox - 5 speed.
  • 1st = 2.41
  • 3rd = 1.50
  • 4th = 1.22
  • Final drive = 2.75
  • No ratio changes


Advanced push rod activated system operating on wide based oval section wishbones with the latest anti-intrusion bar requirements. Alloy casting, heat treated uprights with large diameter angular contact bearings. Front anti-sway bars fully adjustable. Four (4) shock system – sealed Bilstein non-adjustable Chassis

Multi tubular steel spaceframe extensively braced in the cockpit and footwell areas. GCR compliant. Bodywork

Formula 1 design features of a high nose, deep side pods and an engine cover with an air intake encompassing the roll hoop Brakes

   * Lightweight double acting calipers
   * 10-1/2" diameter discs all around
   * Cockpit adjustable bias


Front: 8 x 13 by OZ Rear: 10 x 13 by OZ Tires

   * Hoosier R45 compound spec racing slicks
   * Front: 21.5" x 7.5" x 13.0 in.
   * Rear: 22.0 in x 10.0 in x 13.0 in.
   * Marked set for qualifying and race.
   * Rain tires.


   * Wheel base: 102.5
   * Front track: 58.5
   * Rear track: 55
   * Weight: Formula – 1250 lbs. Minimum with driver
   * Sports Racer – 1385 lbs. Minimum with driver


   * Formula Car:
   * Rear wing: Two upper elements, lower element mounted on gearbox
   * Bottom: Flat (no ground effects)


   * Detachable steering wheel
   * Van Diemen rack and pinion unit
   * Dry cell battery
   * On-board 2.5 kg fire system
   * Six point safety harness
   * Fuel tank mounted behind the driver’s seat – 7 gallon
   * Twin high efficiency aluminum radiators with low drag coefficients housed singularly in each side pod

FE National Champions 2006: Brandon Aleckson 2007: Mark Eaton 2008: TBD

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