Forestdale, Rhode Island

Forestdale, Rhode Island

Forestdale is a village and historic district in North Smithfield, Providence County, Rhode Island, United States, one-half mile from Slatersville, Rhode Island. The historic district runs east and west along Main Street and north on Maple Avenue. School Street is the primary road through the village, and the Branch River runs adjacent to the road in the valley. The Village Haven Restaurant and local VFW chapter are also located in the village.


The village was originally owned by the Forestdale Manufacturing Company, a textile mill, later purchased by John Slater & Co. The Mansfield & Lamb scythe-shop manufactured sycthes and later tools in Forestdale starting in 1824, and during the American Civil War manufactured swords and sabres for Union Forces. The mills used water power from the Branch River to power their equipment.

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  • Walter Nebiker, The History of North Smithfield (Somersworth, NH: New England History Press, 1976).

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