, also referred to as King of Devils, is a character in Navel's Shuffle! media franchise. He appears as a secondary character in all three visual novels in the Shuffle! series.

Forbesii is the father of Nerine and is the ruler of the realm of the devils. He is good friends with his brother-in-law, Eustoma, King of Gods. Just as Eustoma defies the generically expected image of dignity one would expect out of "God", Forbesii defies the image of demonic ugliness expected of "Satan" in that he is an androgynously beautiful and painfully polite gentleman, whose daughter is chaste-and-naive and not a shameless seductress in the least (at least in the anime).

The characters of Shuffle! have a theme of having names that relate to plants in some way. Forbesii is the genus name for plants that include the Nerine forbesii and the Primula forbesii.

Forbesii is voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa and was designed by Hiro Suzuhira. He is voiced by Vic Mignogna in the English version of the anime.


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