Foo-Foo is a fictional dog in The Muppet Show. He is a white poodle owned by Muppet diva Miss Piggy. She is very tender towards him, even to the point of sickly saccharine baby talk. In the first episode of Muppets Tonight, Piggy gets jealous of Michelle Pfeiffer and sics the poodle on her during the finale. Pfeiffer responded by ordering Animal to eat the dog. Steve Whitmire provided Foo-Foo's high-pitched yaps. In The Muppet Show Foo-Foo was played by a Muppet and a real toy poodle in different shots.

Coincidentally, Foo-Foo is also the name of the white poodle owned by Walter The Softy, Dennis' opponent in the British comic strip Dennis the Menace. He acts as the counterpart to Dennis' dog Gnasher.

Also, Foo-Foo is a popular term used around the world, referring to something that is all about flash and hype, than it’s functionality. E.G PERSON 1 - "You like my liquid filled power supply?" PERSON 2 - "No that's Foo-Foo!"

Another example is the Mojo Nixon song 'Foo Foo Hair Cut', in which the singer complains that someone he previously liked and admired has had a haircut which cost a lot and made him look silly, two things a haircut should never do.

Foofoo is also a traditional African dish made from yams.

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