Fond du Lac (city), WI

Fond-du-Lac, Saskatchewan

Fond-du-lac is a settlement located in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. Situated on the east side of Lake Athabasca it is a remote fly-in community. The current population is less than 700 inhabitants, mainly of Dene and Métis descent.

Founded as a community over 150 years ago, by native peoples in pursuit of furs, fishing, hunting and trapping the community has seen little changes. Many in the community can trace their ancestral roots of the area to the early 19th century. "Living off the land" is still a way of life in Fond-du-lac.

The main enterprise today in Fond-du-lac is working in the mineral and other resource extraction business. Others follow a tradition of fishing, hunting, and trapping as well as provide guiding services to the many fishing camps in the area.


There are minimal roads within the community and no roads to the community. It is only accessible by air, inland water transport and snowmobile. In the winter there is a seasonal ice road with access to Uranium City and Stony Rapids. The community greatly relies on aircraft and barges for supplies and services. In the winter the occasional truck will venture in on the ice road with supplies.

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