Follo is one of three districts in the County of Akershus, Norway. It is located between Oslo and Østfold and includes the southwestern part of the county's area east of Oslo. Nearly 116 000 inhabitants are dispersed in an area of about 819 km². The region consists of the municipalities Frogn, Oppegård, Ski, Vestby, Ås, Nesodden, and Enebakk (the latter is sometimes counted as being in Romerike rather than Follo).

The regional centre of Follo is Ski, which is also the largest town in the region. The municipalities of Nesodden, Oppegård, Ås, Frogn and Vestby have a coastline to the Oslo Fjord. Many of the settlements in Follo are situated along this coastline, like Nesoddtangen, Drøbak and Son, as well as several beaches that are well frequented in the summer. In the interior there are a lot of woods and farms. During the winter there are good opportunities of skiing in Østmarka and Sørmarka, and you can go skiing on artificial snow in Drøbak and at the golf courses near the farm of Østre Greverud.

Follo is one judicial district, Follo tingrett.

A suggestion has been made to combine some or most of the existing Follo municipalities into one or two new, but many local politicians are against it.

Ås and Oppegård do not have coastline to the main Oslo Fjord, but to Bunnefjord, which is a part of the Oslo Fjord that starts at Nesoddtangen and stops at Nesset in Ås.

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