Folldal is a municipality in the county of Hedmark, Norway. It is bordered in the north by Oppdal and Tynset, in the east by Alvdal, in the south by Stor-Elvdal, Sør-Fron and Sel, and in the west by Dovre.

Folldal was separated from Alvdal as a municipality of its own in 1914.

The name

The first element is the rivername Folla, the last element is dal m 'valley, dale'. The meaning of the rivername is unknown (maybe 'the broad one').


The coat-of-arms is from modern times (1988). It shows a pickaxe (to represent mining and agriculture).


1748 - The Folldal works, Folldal Verk is founded. Folldal’s main copper mine, Gammelgruva, opened in 1748. The mines were closed in 1941.

1751 - The church in Folldal was a satellite church of that in Lesja, as was the church at the iron mines at Lesjaverk (Lesja Iron Works). Per Berg reports, “When the sexton Ola Kring died in Lesja in 1751, Frederik Wiborg was appointed sexton there and was presented to the congregation on the third Sunday following Trinity. There certainly wasn't anything very special about being a teacher in Ringsaker, if he was willing to change that for being a sexton. No house or land went with the post and the work was hard. In the Lesja parish there were three satellite churches - Lesjeverk, Dovre and Folldal. The travel distances were great and it could be very difficult in the winter.”


  • Ei Wiborg-ættegrein på Lesja 1751 – 1900 by Per Berg

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