Flyscreen were conceived in Newport, 1991 after a drunken night out in Talybont. Rehearsing together for the first time in January 1992, it was not until June of that year that the band first played their first gig at the Stage Door Club, Cardiff, under the name 'Secret Of David' as a three-piece. They soon changed the name upon the advice of an A&R man from Island Records.

Playing as Flyscreen for the first time at Blackwood the band evolved into a four-piece and soon gained a reputation for intense volume and an aggressive stage presence.

Core members were Paul Surridge (bass/lead vocals), Marc Davies (guitars) and Tony Corten (drums). Additional members over the years have included Greg Coomer (guitars), Fraser Monro (guitars) and David "massive sideburns" Corten (guitars), brother of drummer Tony.

They recorded 3 singles on their own BlackMat label before signing with Words of Warning & Southern records. The band released two mini-albums 'DapBag' and 'Council Pop' and supported The Offspring, Girls Against Boys, Redd Kross and many more.

Flyscreen signed a worldwide deal with MCA/Universal in the summer of 1995. They spent the next two years recording and touring including tours with Bush and No Doubt. The band split in 1998 but Universal still released the album 'Girls Can't Make Gun Noises'

In 2001 Flyscreen reformed and released two more albums, 'Owners Workshop Manual' and 'Only Dirty People Wash' and a live EP. The band rarely plays live. In 2006 the band decided to call it a day. 2007 will see the last Flyscreen gig and a 'Best of' album will also be released.

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