Flyin' the Koop (Stanton Moore album)

Flyin' the Koop (Stanton Moore album)

Flyin' the Koop is the second solo album by New Orleans drummer Stanton Moore. The album includes funk, rock and jazz. Moore's line-up for Flyin' the Koop is in part a combination of musicians with whom he played at a "SuperJam" at Tipitina's during Jazz Fest 2000. Moore's concept for the album "was to have two saxes, bass and drums, and to improvise over loops..." building the tracks upon rhythm. Melodies then developed through improvisation by the saxophonists. For Flyin' the Koop Moore plays vintage Gretsch drums with an 18-inch bass drum. Wood plays upright and Hoffner bass. Many fans speculated at first that the name of the solo album implied that Moore could be leaving his band Galactic. Moore explained that the metaphor which regarded "freeing yourself from the limitations" of music styles was combined with the location of the recording studio being on a chicken farm in Petaluma, California.


Track listing

  1. "Tang the Hump"
  2. "Fallin' Off"
  3. "Let's Go"
  4. "Launcho Diablo"
  5. "Prairie Sunset"
  6. "Things Fall Apart"
  7. "Amy's Lament"
  8. "Magnolia Triangle"
  9. "Hunch"
  10. "Bottoms Up"
  11. "For the Record"
  12. "Organized Chaos"


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