Flow bindings

Flow binding system

The Flow binding system is a proprietary snowboard binding system, used to attach a rider's feet to the snowboard.

Flow bindings are intended to combine the levels of control available from traditional strap-in bindings, with the convenience and fast entry of step-in binding systems.

Flow bindings have a folding high-back and a pre-formed material upper section. The upper section replaces the two straps used in regular strap-in bindings. The user folds the high-back down and inserts their foot into the binding through the back (rather than the top), then clips the high-back up into place. This means any make of soft boots can be used with Flow, as opposed to step-in systems which require a cleated proprietary boot.

The upper 'sock' section is fixed to the baseplate with four adjustable straps, meaning there is less force on each step and they may break less often than straps on regular bindings. If one strap breaks the loss of control is significantly lower than a strap breakage on strap-ins.

Flow the company was started in 1992 by Neil Pryde and Reinhardt Hansen. The original product designer was Werner Jettmar who created this binding. Flow is owned by Shriro Pacific LTD., a privately owned group of companies. Its U.S. offices are in San Clemente, California, and the president of the brand is Anthony Scaturro.

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