Flip Flap

Flip Flap


Flip Flap is a solar powered ornament that resembles a plant. The small solar panel powers two leaves that bounce up and down continuously until the light source to the solar panel is stopped. The leaves can be stopped from bouncing by a switch on the underside of the device.

The Flip Flap has a large cult following in Japan, but popularity of the ornamental gadget is growing in the UK being marketed under the Tomy brand. Flip Flaps come in different models like the "Q" (which is round) and "F" (which has the shape of a flower pot). The big Flip Flaps (depends on the number) usually have three movements. Once you turn it on, the leaves begin to move up and down. If you tap one of the leaves, it shall begin to move seesaw to the direction in which the leaf was tapped.

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