Flintlock (musical group)

Flintlock (musical group)

Flintlock were a 1970s pop group from Essex, England. Its members were Derek Pascoe (vocals), Mike Holoway (drums/percussion), Jamie Stone (bass), John Summerton (guitar) and Bill Rice (keyboards).

The group began under the name The Young Revivals but after two years changed their name to Flintlock. They came to national attention in the mid-Seventies through regular appearances on the British children's TV programmes You Must Be Joking and Pauline's Quirkes (hosted by actress Pauline Quirke). Flintlock also appeared on programmes such as Blue Peter, Magpie and Top of the Pops. They also hosted their own programme, 'Fanfare'. Mike Holoway also became known as an actor in the children's TV drama programme The Tomorrow People, in which Flintlock made a single appearance in the Series 5 episode The Heart of Sogguth. They had one British Top 30 single, Dawn, in the summer of 1976.

A one-off reunion concert took place in 2007.



  • Learn To Cry/I'm Going Home (August 1975}
  • A Little Bit Of Lovin'/Sooner Or Later (February 1976)
  • Dawn/Thunderman (April 1976 – this was also their only British hit single, reaching number 30)
  • Sea Of Flames/I've Got My Eye On You (July 1976)
  • Russian Roulette/Saddle My Horse (November 1976)
  • Carry Me/Freeloader (March 1977)
  • Anything For You/Coming Around (September 1977)
  • Mony Mony/One Of A Kind (February 1978)
  • (Hey You) You're like A Magnet/Another Time Another Place (January 1979)

Three further singles were released in Japan:

  • Amorous Lady (1977)
  • Taken All Away (1978)
  • Get With The Boys (1979)


  • On the Way (December 1975)
  • Hot from the Lock (December 1976)
  • Tears 'n' Cheers (October 1977)
  • Stand Alone (February 1979)

A Greatest Hits album was released in Japan and Germany.

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