Flava (TV channel)

Flava (TV channel)

Flava is a British music television channel owned and operated by CSC Media Group (formerly Chart Show Channels) it launched on Wednesday 26 March, 2008 and replaced B4 TV, a previous pre-launch music channel from CSC Media Group. Flava broadcasts 24 hours a day and plays music videos from the Hip-Hop, R&B, Garage and Drum 'n' Bass music genres.

The Flava logo is on screen in the top left-hand corner during music videos and song information appears at the bottom of the screen at the start and end of each music video. The logo is also seen before and after advert breaks when it is shown in the middle of the screen.


B4 launched in June 2004 under the name of "B4". The channel use to play the latest pre release music videos from the biggest artists and groups around. It also had hours dedicated to playing the most recently requested music. The channel had advertised itself as both 'B4 It's A Hit' and 'B4 Everyone Else'.

The B4 logo was on screen in the bottom left-hand corner during music videos and the song information is shown in a white coloured bar at the start and near the end of each music video. The channels' identity was also seen before and after advert breaks when the B4 logo forms on screen in a white box shape on an orange background.

B4 was available 24 hours a day on Sky Digital channel 357 and is part of a boquet of music channels owned by CSC Media, including Chart Show TV, The Vault, Bliss, Scuzz, Flaunt and NME TV

B4 TV Series

B4 was an early morning music video programme broadcast from 2004 on weekdays on Channel 4 at 7am. It was normally broadcast as part of Channel 4's breakfast programming following children's programme The Hoobs and preceding a number of comedy programmes normally imported from America.

Produced by the firm behind ITVs The Chart Show, and spun off from their B4 music channel on satellite, the show featured around seven new upfront videos each day that were going to be released in the United Kingdom in the near future, normally within the next month.

Many people thought that "B4" was actually part of Channel 4 Television, due to its past trademark "..4", like E4, More4 and Film4. However, Channel 4 broadcasts its own strand of music programming called 4music.

26th March 2008 "Flava" Rebrand

The B4 rebrand to Flava first came to light by the Ofcom Licence for B4 being removed and replaced by one under the name of Flava, this also reflected the EPG references of the term "Flava" being used to describe the programmes being shown, in late February/early March 2008.

Ofcom licences mix-up

The problems started on Monday 18 February 2008, when the currently named "Flava" Ofcom Licence was renamed from its original name of Flaunt to Flava. This caused a major uproar about the fact that Flaunt, a 24/7 dance channel would be closed, in favour for Flava (a 24/7 Urban/R&B music channel, similar to Kiss & B4). This, however turned out to be an error on Ofcom's part and they accidentally changed Flaunt, when they were meant to change the B4 one. But, on the following Monday, Ofcom corrected the problem by removing the B4 licence, keeping the newly renamed Flava licence and adding a new Flaunt licence.


Current Programmes

  • A-Z Hip Hop - The ultimate countdown of the best Hip-Hop videos from artists A-Z.
  • Bass Believers - A collection of the best drum 'n' base tunes.
  • Block Rockin Beatz - A mix of big urban tunes.
  • Breakfast Beats - Non-stop drum 'n' bass music.
  • Double Up - Back to back videos from the best urban artists around.
  • Drum 'n' Bass - A mix of the finest drum 'n' base music.
  • First For Flava - A collection of the newest urban music videos.
  • Freshest Beats - The latest urban music.
  • Garage Anthems - The best in new and classic garage tunes.
  • Godfathers of Hip Hop - The best music from male urban artists.
  • Hip Hop Download Chart - A countdown of the weeks most downloaded Hip-Hop tracks.
  • Hip Hop Number Ones - A collection of Hip-Hop number ones from recent years.
  • Hip Hop Vs Garage - A mash up of Hip-Hop and garage music.
  • Hip Hop Xplosion - A mix of the biggest Hip-Hop music.
  • Masters of Hip Hop - Music from the founders of Hip-Hop.
  • Non Stop Flava - Non-stop R&B and Hip-Hop music.
  • Party Flava - Classic urban party tunes.
  • R&B Download Chart - A countdown of the most downloaded R&B songs each week.
  • R&B Singles Chart - Countdown of the weeks' top R&B music.
  • Scratch Masters - Back to back scratch tunes from the experts.
  • The Jump Off - A collection of Hip-Hop music with the loudest beats.
  • Top 10 Biggest Tracks Now - The latest top 10 hottest urban tunes.
  • Top 20 Bad Boyz of Hip Hop - Countdown of the best male artists in Hip-Hop.
  • Turn Up The Flava - A collection of the best R&B music from the last two years.
  • Urban Beats - The best new and classic R&B and Hip-Hop music.
  • Urban Cutz - The latest R&B and Hip-Hop music.
  • Wake Up Wit Flava - A mix of the latest new music.

B4 Programmes

  • B4 Breakers - A countdown of the top ten most selected videos.
  • B4 Breakfast - An energetic mix of the latest pre-release songs.
  • B4 Dawn - Music from new artists and groups.
  • B4 Hits - A selection of the newest music.
  • B4 Loves... - An hour dedicated to the life and music of one artist or group.
  • B4's Big Ones - A mix of the biggest and best hits.
  • B4's Hot Hits - All the latest and most requested music videos.
  • B4's Lovin' - The most requested new music.
  • B4's Most Selected - The top ten most requested music videos.
  • Brand New - All the biggest and newest music videos.
  • First on Friday - All the latest music videos every Friday.
  • Fresh New Tracks - A showcase of brand new music videos.
  • Most Requested - Songs most requested by the viewers.
  • Out Tomorrow - Brand new music.
  • Today's Most Selected - An hour of music videos selected by viewers.
  • Top 5 - Five non interrupted songs from an artist or group.
  • Top Ten Bands to See This Week - A countdown of the top ten best bands to see in concert.
  • Video's to Cure a Hangover - A mix of the best non-stop music.
  • Wake Up With B4 - A selection of fresh new music videos.

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