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School's Out! The Musical

School's Out! The Musical is a musical television special, based on Nickelodeon's animated television series The Fairly OddParents, created by Butch Hartman. The plot involves Timmy Turner becoming president of KidWorld and The Pixies (guest star Ben Stein) trying to take over the world using the clown-turned businessman, Flappy Bob. It has eleven musical numbers (an average of one every 3½ minutes).

It was made in 2004, but not released until 2005. The Special began airing on June 10, 2005 in the United States on Nickelodeon, but has aired several times in the United Kingdom on BBC 1 and Nicktoons TV, Ireland on TnaG (TG4), Spain on Antena 3 and the Philippines on ABS-CBN. This is common for Nickelodeon in the United States, as they will frequently air first-run episodes in other countries before airing them in North America as a type of "test run" to scrutinize audience reaction to the programs. In addition, for certain programs there are contractual obligations which must be met that will not allow programs to air in the U.S. until specific dates.'' Officially, in production order, the episode is divided into two "acts"--Act I being the first being 22 minutes, and Act II being the last being 22 minutes. The TV Movie was given a 80% from Internet Movie Database, and was given positive reactions from critics.


The story opens in Kansas, 37 years in the past (1968, as the show was made in 2005). Two pixies, the Head Pixie ("HP") and his assistant Sanderson, are driving home, lamenting the failure of their last 37-year plan to take over Fairy World. Meanwhile, two clown parents, apparently nearing certain doom as their train heads up ahead where the bridge is out, send their child, Flappy Bob, to safety on a small rocket (parodying the origin of Superman and his escape from Krypton). However, the train switched tracks to another bridge, leaving the clowns without their son. Meanwhile, HP and Sanderson find the child, and realize his potential as the catalyst to their next 37-year plan.

37 years later, in the present day, Timmy and the children of Dimmsdale are destroying the town in their revelry (Kids Just Being Kids), when Flappy Bob appears and offers a solution in his Camp Learn-a-Torium, an overprotective and over-educational daycare center the parents of Dimmsdale can keep their children at while they enjoy the summer (Get Flappy). The Pixies appear to Timmy and suggest to him that the camp, and boredom and restriction in general, can be blamed solely on adults, a notion to which Timmy agrees.(Adults Ruin Everything)

Timmy wishes for kids to be the ruling class in the world, and after an interlude in which the Pixies delight at their plan's progress (We're Pixies (The Pixie Rap), Timmy reflects on life as President while Cosmo and Wanda complain that they are stuck with the chores (Ten and In Charge). The Pixies remind Jorgen von Strangle of the loophole that allows them God-parental custody over Flappy Bob, and point out that with their newfound power, the children of the world no longer need fairies. To make the takeover of Fairy World complete, the Pixies convince Flappy Bob to sign a contract that allows him total control over what the world considers fun, in exchange for control of Fairy World being given to the Pixies. Jorgen now has no choice but to (Pull Back the Fairies/Jorgen's Polka) to what used to be Fairy World.

Timmy tries to convince Flappy Bob that his current idea of fun (dull, boring and bureaucratic, by way of the Pixies) is wrong, and that his birth parents would never be proud of the way he chose in life. Timmy's plea falls on momentarily hesitant, but ultimately deaf ears as Bob signs the contract (Where is The Fun).

Meanwhile, back in Pixie World, the former Fairy World, Cosmo and Wanda are set to be incarcerated when they distract Jorgen (the acting investigator and warden) with an over-sweet love song (As Long As I'm Floating With You). As the bridge to Earth is dwindling and can only support one fairy ("There is still enough pretty color magic left for one of us to slide down the rainbow bridge! ...Wow, there wasn't a manly word in that sentence!"), Cosmo sacrifices himself so that Wanda, the more dependable of the two, can find Timmy, while he and the fairies lament the situation, and Flappy Bob doubts what he did (Unfundamentals).

As Bob heads to his building's furnace to burn what remains of his clown paraphernalia, he overhears HP and Sanderson laughing over their plan and the gullibility of Bob, stating that "only a clown would fall for this... a really dumb clown". Realizing he'd been duped, Flappy Bob changes his mind and tries to find a way to stop what he put into action.

Wanda finds Timmy nearly immediately, and Flappy Bob appears soon afterwards, decked out in full clown regalia. The three begin to form their plan, with Bob drawing on his business and law education in order to find a loophole while all three do their best to have fun and draw the ire of HP and Sanderson. (Reprise Remix) On cue, the Pixies appear and remind Bob of the contract, and Bob takes the opportunity to point out the loophole – the fact that the agreement made the world fun "as defined by Flappy Bob" himself. He declares fun to be "everything the way it should be," and the entire takeover of both Earth and Fairy World is undone. Cosmo is reunited with Timmy and Wanda again. Wanda finds Bob's birth parents, and although the Learn-a-Torium remains (now run by Flappy Bob's former assistants, Gary and Betty, and renamed "Gary and Betty's Camp Learn-a-Torium"), Timmy and the children still have the opportunity to make it fun again, it is hinted the kids will have a normal, no Learn-a-Torium involved summer, with some limits from their parents (Mr. and Mrs. Turner: "with some control parentally"). (Kids Just Being Kids Reprise) In a black screen, HP and Sanderson are again seen peddling, thinking they should switch to a six week plan. School's Out! The Musical II may be released in July 2009, followed by new episodes in August.

Musical numbers (in order of occurrence)

  • Kids Just Being Kids (Timmy)
  • Get Flappy (Flappy)
  • Adults Ruin Everything (Timmy)
  • Da Pixie Rap (HP and Sanderson) (performed by Method Man and Redman, in contrast to HP and Sanderson's simultaneous voiceover work by Ben Stein)
  • We Kids Are The Boss Now (Timmy's Song)
  • Jorgen's Polka (based loosely on the song Roll Out the Barrel)
  • Where is the Fun? (Timmy/Flappy) (Hey Flappy Bob)
  • Floating with You
  • Unfundamentals
  • The Reprise Remix (A reprise of Where Is the Fun?, Kids Just Being Kids, the Pixie Rap, Timmy's Song and Adults Ruin Everything)
  • Kids Just Being Kids (Reprise)


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