Flake 99

99 (number)

99 (ninety-nine) is the natural number following 98 and preceding 100.

99 is the ninth repdigit, a palindromic number and a Kaprekar number. It is the sum of divisors of the first eleven positive integers.

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Several songs have the number 99 in their title:

There is also 99 Records, a record label; ninetynine, an Australian indie band; and Pompeii 99, a rock band inspired by Fleetwood Mac.


99 is the NBA record for Most Free Throw Attempts in a 7-game series, set by Elgin Baylor, Los Angeles Lakers, in 1962

In the fictional film Major League, Charlie Sheen's character wore the Cleveland Indians #99 uniform

Greg Moore's Champ Car car number 99 was retired after his fatal accident.

In cricket, if you reach 99, it is considered unlucky, due to most get out and not make the century. The highest century maker Sachin Tendulkar wears #99 along with #10 jersey.

In the National Hockey League, 99 has been the only number retired league-wide as of 2008, for Wayne Gretzky.

99 is the maximum jersey number a player can wear in the NFL.

Current Los Angeles Dodger outfielder Manny Ramirez wears the number 99, the first Dodger ever to do so.

NASCAR driver Carl Edwards' number 99 Ford Fusion.


U.S. Route 99 was the main north-south highway in the United States until 1964. There are plans to extend Interstate 99, a US freeway in Pennsylvania, into New York. The number is also used for highways in Canada and Israel, see List of highways numbered 99 for a complete listing.

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