Ubiquity (Firefox)

Ubiquity is an extension for Mozilla Firefox. A prototype was released in August 2008. It allows web users to create mashups of other web services without requiring much technical background.

Ubiquity is a collection of easy and quick natural-language-derived commands that allow users to get information and relate the same to current and other webpages.


Ubiquity's main goal is to take a disjointed web and bring everything the user needs to them. This is accomplished through a command-line-like interface which is based on natural language commands. These commands are supplied both by Mozilla and by individual users. Commands are written in Javascript and either directly typed into the command editor that comes with Ubiquity or subscribed to. Commands to which a user subscribes are automatically updated when the author updates the code. At the moment there is no limit as to what these commands can do, which means a large security risk. One of the future functionalities planned for Ubiquity is a trust network that allows users to evaluate the trustworthiness of a particular command before subscribing to it.


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