Finger armor ring

Finger armor ring

A finger armor ring is a piece of jewelry worn on the finger. Typically it spans from the base of the finger to just below the nail or middle of the second joint and includes a bending joint. It typically takes on the appearance of a finger-piece from a medieval gauntlet, but is typically smaller and more delicate.

Finger armor rings differ in design and material. They are usually made of either pewter or sterling silver. The pewter finger armor rings are often less easy to articulate, and far more brittle. Silver ensures comfort and durability, though it is inevitably more expensive. Finger armor rings come in many different designs, and often sports heavily detailed sculpting. Other names for them include full finger rings and claw rings. Some forms of finger armor rings can have clawed tips, span only one knuckle, and can also be a small fingernail or clawtip that only covers the fingernail.

Finger armor rings are usually associated with and are often considered popular in the Goth subculture.

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