Final Justice (1984 film)

Final Justice (1984 film)

Final Justice is a 1984 film starring Joe Don Baker and directed by Greydon Clark. It follows the exploits of a Texas sheriff who overturns a Maltese city to find the bad guy who killed his partner. The film was lampooned in 1999 on Mystery Science Theater 3000. It is the second Joe Don Baker film to be riffed on MST3K, following Mitchell, to which a few references are made in this episode.


Joe Don Baker plays Texas "lawman" Thomas Jefferson Geronimo III, a beefy sheriff and avid milk drinker. His partner, the former sheriff, is killed by an Italian mobster. He finds the criminal, a man named Joseph Palermo, and escorts him back to Europe, only to lose him in the capital city of Valletta in Malta. He then thumbs his nose at local law enforcement and uses all the tactics of Texas justice to pursue Palermo. A cat-and-mouse game follows, rife with car chases, gunfights, fistfights and boat chases.

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The film also contains a very prominent editing mistake; in the scene near the beginning of the film where Geronimo's boss, the sheriff (played by director Greydon Clark) dies, there is a shot of the partner getting killed and collapsing to the ground. Moments later, the exact shot is repeated. This error only appears in a TV print, however; the original Vestron release has better editing. One of the host segments in the MST3K treatment of the episode makes reference to the editing mistake by having host Mike Nelson trip over and over and over again. Also, Mike tries to escape the SOL after having seen Final Justice, almost similar to how Joel escaped after seeing Mitchell, except he tries unsuccessfully. Mike would further reference the movie in one of the host segments in a later season, using Geronimo's catch phrase from the film: "You think you can take me? Go ahead on. It's your move."

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