Filetail catshark

Filetail catshark

The filetail catshark, Parmaturus xaniurus, is a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae, found from the eastern Pacific from Oregon to the Gulf of California, at depths of between 90 and 1,250 m. Its length is up to 45 cm. The filetail catshark is found on the outer continental shelf and upper slope. It feeds on a variety of small fish (e.g. lanternfish) and invertebrates. It possesses an enlarged gill region which is an adaptation to areas with low dissolved oxygen levels. Has a high concentration of squalene in its liver which affords it neutral buoyancy. Regularly caught by bottom trawlers but not utilized at all.

Coloration is brownish-black above, lighter below, with all fins dark.

Reproduction is oviparous. The egg-cases have 'T'-shaped lateral flanges and short tendrils.

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