The Filet-O-Fish (also FishMac or McFish) is a fish sandwich sold by the international fast food chain store McDonald's.

Product description

The Filet-O-Fish contains a battered fish patty made mostly from whitefish and/or hoki, half a slice of processed cheese and tartar sauce made with dill relish, and Filet seasoning on a steamed bun.


  • Fish Filet Deluxe - Another Deluxe Sandwich that failed (see Arch Deluxe), it replaced the Filet-O-Fish. The fish portion was enlarged, a whole piece of cheese was used instead of a half piece, lettuce was added, and this was all placed on the potato roll used for the other Deluxe sandwiches. After the Deluxe Line failed, the Filet-O-Fish was brought back.
  • Double Filet-O-Fish - Two fish patties and extra cheese, available in some markets.

In some non-English-speaking countries, it is called FishMac, McFish or Fish Filet; the former name was changed to Filet-O-Fish in Germany in 2006/2007.


The sandwich was introduced by a McDonald's franchise in Cincinnati, Ohio, in response to declining sales at restaurants on Fridays, due to the Catholic practice of not eating meat on Fridays at the time, and now mostly during Lent. Created by young enthusiast Lou Groen, it has become popular with people who cannot eat meat-based products offered, particularly Muslims who are more inclined towards eating meat that is Halal, and, similarly, Jews who are prohibited from eating non-kosher meat. It is also a popular product among Asian consumers.

The patty size was increased 50% in 1996 during the Arch Deluxe marketing . However in 2000, in an effort to increase profitability, the fish patty was reduced in size by approximately 10% .


In 2006, McDonald's launched an entertainment website dedicated to Filet-O-Fish. In 2007, the site was enhanced with additional games and extensions to mobile phone downloads as well.


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