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K. D. Wentworth

Kathy D. Wenworth (born 1951), known as K D Wentworth, is a science fiction author. She got her start winning the Writers of the Future Contest in 1988, and then later won Field Publications' Teachers as Writers Award in 1991. She currently is the editor for the Writers of the Future Contest. Two of her short stories have been Nebula award finalists: "Tall One" and "Burning Bright."


Heyoka Blackeagle

These books are also available from the Baen Free Library.

House of Moons Chronicles

  • Moonspeaker, Del Rey: November 1994; Hawk Publishing Group: 2000 ISBN 0-9673131-6-3
  • House of Moons, Del Rey: May 1995; Hawk Publishing: 2000 ISBN 0-9673131-7-1


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