Fibiger, Johannes

Fibiger, Johannes

Fibiger, Johannes, 1867-1928, Danish pathologist and physician. He served as professor of pathological anatomy at the Univ. of Copenhagen. For his experimental studies of cancer, in which he was the first to produce tumors in the stomachs of rats, he received the 1926 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

(born April 23, 1867, Silkeborg, Den.—died Jan. 30, 1928, Copenhagen) Danish pathologist. He found that rats that had suffered stomach-tissue inflammation caused by the larvae of a worm infecting cockroaches the rats had eaten subsequently developed stomach tumours, and he induced tumours in mice and rats by feeding them infected cockroaches. His work, for which he received a 1926 Nobel Prize, supported the prevailing concept that cancer is caused by tissue irritation and led to production of chemical carcinogens for use in cancer research.

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