For the village in Azerbaijan, see Fərraş; for the violinist, see Christian Ferras.

Ferras Alqaisi (Arabic: فراس القيسي; born 1982), known as Ferras, is an American Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter who is signed with EMI as part of Capitol Records.


Ferras grew up feeling out of place in a small, southern Illinois town. This feeling was only compounded when, shortly after his parents' divorce, his father took him to the airport, promising him a trip to Disneyland, but instead he actually spirited him away to his homeland of Amman, Jordan, an experience he often jokes about but also says was fairly "traumatic" at the time. While there, Ferras took solace in the small Casio keyboard that his father bought him and began writing his own songs. His mother eventually succeeded in bringing him back to the United States, but his sense of alienation persisted until they moved to Southern California, where Ferras began pursuing a music career in earnest.

Ferras was eventually signed to EMI's Capitol Music Group after an audition for the label's chairman Jason Flom while on Spring Break from the Berklee College of Music. After being signed by Flom, Ferras then flew to New York City to record demo versions of his songs, which would eventually form his debut album.

In April 2008, Ferras released his major record label debut with Aliens & Rainbows via Capitol Records. The album was produced by The Matrix (who has co-wrote and produced with the likes of Avril Lavigne, Shakira, Heather Nova, Jason Mraz, Korn, Liz Phair, Hilary Duff, Britney Spears and Skye Sweetnam) and Gary Clark (who's worked with Natalie Imbruglia and Lloyd Cole). The album features the lead single "Hollywood's Not America," which was featured as the "exit song" during the seventh season of the American reality series American Idol, giving Ferras a moderate amount of exposure and publicity for the song.

Ferras made his first national television performance on The Today Show.

Personal life

Ferras currently resides in Los Angeles, California, but his family (including his mother Gigi and younger sister Katie) still lives in Gillespie, Illinois.



Album information
Aliens & Rainbows


Year Title Album
2008 "Hollywood's Not America" Aliens & Rainbows
2008 "Liberation Day"


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