Fernando González (judoka)

Adrián Terrazas-González

Adrián Terrazas-González (born October 17, 1975 in Chihuahua, México) is a musician who plays flute, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet and percussion in The Mars Volta; leader of El Régimen.


Born and raised in Chihuahua, México, Adrián Terrazas-González grew up surrounded by the traditional music of Central-America, from Danzón, Boleros and Rumba to Son and Mambo. He began developing his musical ability at the age of 10. He was inclined to play the flute with an understanding of classical music and a peculiar attraction to ancient Aztec music. Five years later he took on the tenor saxophone. His grandmother, a “Rumba Nut,” according to Terrazas, urged her grandson in that direction, but the young player had already picked out a model for himself in John Coltrane.

2001 was a year that would profoundly impact Terrazas' music. While pursuing his sociological and musical studies at The University of Texas at El Paso he learned more about the transmission of these ideas and theories through music. In an effort to track the development of certain philosophical and spiritual traditions observed by ancient cultures, Adrián arranged to meet, learn and creatively collaborate with musicians involved with traditions originating from West Africa. One of his main interests was the Yoruba tradition (predominantly out of western Nigeria), the ancient African religion underlying Santeria (Cuba and Puerto Rico), Candomblé (Bahia, Brazil), Vodun (Haiti) and Cu Taan (México).

In 2004, Terrazas joined The Mars Volta in the studio on the album Frances the Mute and continues to work with the band (as full flesh member) on subsequent albums (Live Scabdates 2005, Amputechture 2006, The Bedlam in Goliath 2008) and all The Mars Volta side projects (movie scores, DVD‘s etc). The group includes guitarist and band leader Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez, “…one of the most creative writers in rock music. Playing with his band has helped develop in me a higher level of awareness and creativity” -Adrián Terrazas-González , lyricist/vocalist Cedric Bixler-Zavala, bassist Juan Alderete, guitarist Paul Hinojos-González, drummer Thomas Pridgen, percussionist Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez and keyboardist Isaiah Ikey Owens. Working with The Mars Volta and Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez gained Adrián further exposure and renown, particularly in Europe.

Terrazas' solid performance and versatility grants him the opportunity to perform with a wide variety of professionals in the musical world. He has shared the stage and recorded with Larry Harlow, Erik Unsworth, Dr. Willy Hill, Dr. Donald Wilkinson, Damo Suzuki, Lenny Castro, Money Mark Nishita, Jay Azzolina, Los Lobos, for Universal Records The Mars Volta, Reggie Young, Ozomatli, EMI Gospel Artist Smokie Norful, Hernan Hecht, Juan Alderete, The Big Sir (Und Die Scheiße Ändert Sich Immer 2006), Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Group (Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez 2005, Please Heat This Eventually 2007, Se Dice Bisonte, No Bùfalo 2007, music scoring for the Guillermo Arriaga Jordan and Jorge Hernandez Aldana film El Búfalo de la Noche performed by The Mars Volta), Robert Carranza, Thomas Pridgen, John Frusciante, Jonathan Hischke, and Deantoni Parks, Thygerlaine, among others.

Terrazas' professional involvement with the music has continued to develop under his own corporation of musicians EL REGIMEN with Hernan Hecht, Mark Aanderud , Mike Wiliknson and Erik Unsworth. He also collaborates with some of the finest players, at the same time, teaching workshops to numerous school districts and universities around the world.


With The Adrián Terrazas-González Trio

  • Cu Taan (2008)

With The Mars Volta

With The Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Group

With Big Sir

With Zechs Marquise


  • Woodwinds:
    • Selmer 1949 Super Balanced Action Tenor Saxophone
    • Selmer Soloist H Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece
    • Selmer Super Action 80 Series II Alto Saxophone
    • Selmer Super Session E Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece
    • Selmer Super Action 80 Series II Soprano Saxophone
    • Selmer Super Session G Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece
    • Selmer 1970 Series A Bass Clarinet
    • Clark W. Fobes San Francisco Bass Clarinet Custom Mouthpiece
    • Selmer 1972 Series 10G Clarinet
    • Clark W. Fobes San Francisco Clarinet Custom Mouthpiece
    • Francois Louis Ultimate Ligature for all Saxophones and Clarinets
    • De Jacques Neck Straps
    • Pearl Flutes
  • Amplifiers:
  • Effects pedals:
  • Microphones

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