Feildes Weir

Feildes Weir

Feildes Weir is a weir on the River Lea located near Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire at the confluence of the River Lea and River Stort. The weir marks the start of the Lower Lee. A channel of the man-made River Lee Flood Relief Channel is incorporated into the weir.


The weir has had a complex history of changes to channel control and bypassing over the years. Control was originally exercised by a barrage of gates and sluices.

In 1976 a 29 metre wide thin-plate weir was installed, with three vertical-lift sluices controlling a parallel flood relief channel. Flows average about 4.4 m3/s discharge over the weir; higher flows enter the flood channel .


Angling in part of the weir pool is controlled by the Lee Anglers' Consortium.





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