Federal motorway 30

Autobahn 30

Total length 129 km
Bundesländer North Rhine-Westphalia
Lower Saxony

The "federal motorway 30" (abbreviation: "Autobahn 30") – short form: "Highway 30" (abbreviation: "A 30") – is a highway in Germany and runs in West - East direction, beginning in the niederländischen border. On the border connection exists in Dutch A 1, hence, the A 30 is a part of the important European connection Berlin - Amsterdam. It is an important connection from Hannover / Minden after Osnabrück, Münster and in the Netherlands and part Europastrasse 30.


The course to the east first connects to federal motorway 31, goes into Rheine and cruises before Osnabrück A 1 and A 33 by which connections exist to the north in the direction of Bremen (A 1) and to the south in the direction of Münster (A 1) and Bielefeld (A 33).

In the end, about 50 kilometer farther to the east the A 30 ends in Bad Oeynhausen. Here the A 30 goes in B 61 on which the traffic rolls by the health resort. Then behind the town still 1 kilometer on the highway, leads to A 2. There ends the A 30 and goes in B 514.

Planned gap end to the A 2

The closing of the highway gap with bath Oeynhausen has been planned for decades, however, it has been prevented up to now by disputes around the distance guidance of the planned north avoidance. Therefore bath Oeynhausen is probably only health resort by which the traffic of a strongly popular highway runs. In the city there is often of traffic jams. Hence, the gap end is judged especially urgent to the A 2.

Bezirksregierung Detmold has balked at the request of the land company road construction North Rhine-Westphalia in January, 2007 level statement decision for this last segment of the A 30. The planned section is just 10 km long and the section should receive two new connection points, 28 bridges and a tunnel. The citizens' group which exerts itself against the construction of the highway has a complaint and an application for granting temporary legal protection against the level statement decision before the Federal Administrative Court (Germany) submitted which is the first after a law change in December 2006 and responsible for procedure in connection with bigger highway construction projects. All together three complaints and two applications for granting temporary legal protection have been made against the level statement decision pending by which two complaints were taken back. In April 2008 applicants and application opponents agreed in the agreement with the federal administrative court on the fact that the express procedure should not be followed up and be decided straight away in the central issue. The verbal negotiations have been determined by the court for July 2008, so that a decision will go out still in summer 2008.

Road construction should be beginning according to the land company with the execution of the construction two to three months after the judicial ruling, provided that the federal administrative court rules in favor of the authority that decides at the latest in autumn 2008. The whole construction time of four sections will amount to about 5 years, so that according to the present state a traffic release of the north avoids bath Oeynhausens – and with it the completion of the whole A 30 – is to be expected for 2014.


The first plannings were in 1933 back with the Netherlands and an international motor road through Oldenzaal, bath, to the salt mountains and Rheine was planned. The net plans for the imperial highway contained in 1938 to 1940 a distance which go to the south in the salt mountains, to the north in Rheine and to the south in Osnabrück and in the space Herford / Bielefeld on where today's BAB 2 should meet.

Earlier plannings planned, the A 30 along federal highway 65 to Hannover. However, these plans were given up. Merely the local avoidance from Stadthagen and the south avoidance from Minden in progress was federal highway 65 and parts of a planned connection point in Laatzen which is used today were the earlier planning. In the area of the Laatzener fairground Hannover-Wurzburg of the German Railways was built with the construction also a road bridge above the planned highway. Nowadays this bridge is used only for a connection with the fairground and for a footpath and cycle track.

If the A 30 had been further extended through Minden and Stadthagen to Hannover, then today's segment of the A 30 around interchange bath Oeynhausen would have the number A 339.

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