Faster Louder Better!

Faster Louder Better!

Faster Louder Better! is the first official release from Calgary's The Skitzos on Longshot Music. It was released October 2nd, 2007 to wide Albertan acclaim on red, white or black 7" vinyl. It has gone on to sell out and is currently only available as a collectors item in Western Canada.


February Session

Faster Louder Better! was recorded in two separate sessions at Echo Base studio with Casey Lewis as producer. The first session was in February 2006, and was originally called the 'Cincinnati Necktie Session'. Three songs were recorded. These were 'Set It Off', 'Sinking Fast' and 'The Terror Song'. A cover of The Ramones 'Howling At The Moon' was also to be recorded but wasn't finished due to time constraints. The Skitzos were under serious pressure to finish the recordings as their car blew up driving to the studio during the freezing winter in Calgary. This is rumored to be the reason why not all of the tracks were completed. Much of the material was to be finished the night before while they spent the night drinking 180 proof Vodka. Some of the members were still drunk from the night before when they finally arrived at the studio. The band was also allegedly involved in many physical fights during the writing process which also resulted in the delay of release, these were mostly between Mark and Josh. Aaron and Ryder chose to play ping-pong during these fights. It is unknown who the winner was.

August Session

The next session was in August of 2006, again at Echo Base. Three more tracks were recorded these were 'Watch Out', 'S.K.I.T.Z.O.S' and 'I'm A Pretender'. It is during this session that the police incident took place. The Skitzos made a trip to Edmonton on August 9th, directly after finishing in the studio, where they debuted these new tracks for the first time live. The reception was warm, except by a drunk old woman who tried to fight Mark and Aaron as they waited for the show to start, they had to climb on top of their touring van to get away. Furthermore, the band got this show shut down as the police were called to the venue after Mark and Aaron were caught urinating on a residential complex directly behind the venue.

Track Listing

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